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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 32041900 "Synthetic Organic Colouring Matter (Excl. Disperse Dyes, Acid Dyes, Mordant Dyes, Basic Dyes, Direct Dyes, Vat Dyes And Reactive Dyes And Organic Pigments), Preparations Of The Kind Used For Colouring Any Materials Or For The Production Of Prepared Colou
2 39233010 "Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packageing Of Goods, Of Plastics, With A Capacity Of <= 2 L"
3 39262000 "Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories Produced By The Stitching Or Sticking Together Of Plastic Sheeting, Incl. Gloves, Mittens And Mitts"
4 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
5 69109000 "Ceramic Sinks, Wash Basins, Wash Basin Pedestals, Baths, Bidets, Water Closet Pans, Flushing Cisterns, Urinals And Similar Sanitary Fixtures (Excl. Of Porcelain Or China, Soap Dishes, Sponge Holders, Tooth-Brush Holders, Towel Hooks And Toilet Paper Hold
6 69139093 "Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles Of Earthenware Or Fine Pottery, N.E.S."
7 70099200 "Glass Mirrors, Framed (Excl. Rear-View Mirrors For Vehicles, Optical Mirrors, Optically Processed, And Mirrors Of An Age Of > 100 Years)"
8 73102910 "Tanks, Casks, Drums, Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers, Of Iron Or Steel, For Any Material, Of A Capacity Of < 50 L And Of A Wall Thickness Of < 0,5 Mm, N.E.S. (Excl. Containers For Compressed Or Liquefied Gas, Or Containers Fitted With Mechanical Or Th
9 85163110 Electric Drying Hoods
10 85163190 Electric Hair Dryers (Excl. Drying Hoods)
11 85163200 Electro-Thermic Hair Dressing Apparatus (Excl. Hair Dryers)
12 94018000 "Seats, N.E.S."
13 94036090 "Wooden Furniture (Excl. For Offices Or Shops, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms And Bedrooms, And Seats)"
14 940370 "Furniture Of Plastic (Excl. Medical, Dental, Surgical Or Veterinary, And Seats)"