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  • Address : ***************
  • City State : ***************
  • Country : : Spain
  • Web Page : ***************
  • E-Mail : ***************
  • Telephone : ***************
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 39181010 "Floor Coverings, Whether Or Not Self-Adhesive, In Rolls Or In The Form Of Tiles, And Wall Or Ceiling Coverings In Rolls With A Width Of >= 45 Cm, Consisting Of A Layer Of Plastic Fixed Permanently On A Backing Of Any Material Other Than Paper, The Face S
2 39259010 "Fittings And Mountings Intended For Permanent Installation In Or On Doors, Windows, Staircases, Walls Or Other Parts Of Buildings, Of Plastics"
3 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
4 68091900 "Boards, Sheets, Panels, Tiles And Similar Articles, Of Plaster Or Compositions Based On Plaster (Excl. Ornamented, Faced Or Reinforced With Paper Or Paperboard Only, And With Plaster Agglomerated Articles For Heat-Insulation, Sound-Insulation Or Sound Ab
5 73089099 "Structures And Parts Of Structures Of Iron Or Steel, N.E.S. (Excl. Bridges And Bridge-Sections, Towers, Lattice Masts, Gates, Doors, Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds, Equipment For Scaffolding, Shuttering, Propping Or Pit-Propping, Weirs, Sluices,
6 83013000 "Locks Used For Furniture, Of Base Metal"
7 94016100 "Upholstered Seats, With Wooden Frames (Excl. Convertible Into Beds)"
8 94031059 "Metal Furniture For Offices, Of <= 80 Cm In Height (Excl. Desks And Drawing Tables)"
9 94031099 "Metal Furniture For Offices, Of > 80 Cm In Height (Excl. Drawing Tables, Cupboards With Doors, Shutters Or Flaps, And Seats)"
10 94033011 "Desks For Offices, With Wooden Frames"
11 94033091 "Wooden Cupboards For Offices, Of > 80 Cm In Height"
12 94033099 "Wooden Furniture For Offices, Of > 80 Cm In Height (Excl. Cupboards)"
13 94039030 "Parts Of Furniture, Of Wood, N.E.S. (Excl. Seats)"