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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 29121900 "Acyclic Aldehydes, Without Other Oxygen Function (Excl. Methanal Formaldehyde, Ethanal Acetaldehyde And Butanal Butyraldehyde, Normal Isomer)"
2 32021000 Synthetic Organic Tanning Substances
3 32029000 "Inorganic Tanning Substances, Tanning Preparations, Whether Or Not Containing Natural Tanning Substances, Enzymatic Preparations For Pre-Tanning"
4 32041200 "Synthetic Organic Acid Dyes, Whether Or Not Metallised, And Synthetic Organic Mordant Dyes, Preparations Based On Synthetic Organic Acid Or Mordant Dyes Of A Kind Used To Dye Fabrics Or Produce Colorant Preparations (Excl. Preparations Of Heading 3207, 3
5 32099000 Other
6 32121090 Stamping Foils Of A Kind Used In The Printing Of Book Bindings Or Hatband Leather (Excl. Those Based On Base Metals)
7 34021900 "Organic Surface-Active Agents, Whether Or Not Put Up For Retail Sale (Excl. Anionic, Cationic Or Non-Ionic Agents And Soap)"
8 340290 Other
9 34029010 "Surface-Active Preparations (Excl. Those Put Up For Retail Sale, Organic Surface-Active Preparations In The Form Of Bars, Cakes, Moulded Pieces Or Shapes, And Products And Preparations For Washing The Skin In The Form Of Liquid Or Cream)"
10 34029010 Surface-Active Preparations
11 34031999 "Lubricating Preparations, Incl. Cutting-Oil Preparations, Bolt Or Nut Release Preparations, Anti-Rust Or Anti-Corrosion Preparations And Mould Release Preparations, Based On Lubricants, Containing, By Weight, < 70% Of Petroleum Oil Or Oil Obtained From B
12 34039100 "Other,Preparations For The Treatment Of Textile Materials, Leather, Furskins Or Other Materials"
13 34039100 "Textile Lubricant Preparations And Preparations Of A Kind Used For The Oil Or Grease Treatment Of Leather, Furskins Or Other Material Not Containing Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil"
14 38099100 "Other,Of A Kind Used In The Textile Or Like Industries"
15 38099300 "Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers To Accelerate The Dyeing Or Fixing Of Dyestuffs, And Other Products And Preparations, E.G. Dressings And Mordants Of A Kind Used In The Leather Or Similar Industries, N.E.S. (Excl. Those With A Basis Of Amylaceous Substance
16 38099300 Of A Kind Used In The Leather Or Like Industries
17 39232990 Los demás
18 410150 "Whole Hides And Skins, Of A Weight Exceeding 16 Kg"
19 41015090 Other
20 410210 With Wool On
21 41021090 "Raw Skins Of Sheep, With Wool On, Fresh Or Salted, Dried, Limed, Pickled Or Otherwise Preserved (Excl. Those Of Lambs)"
22 41021090 Other
23 41022100 "Raw Skins Of Sheep Or Lambss, Without Wool On, Pickled, Whether Or Not Split"
24 41022100 "Without Wool On,Pickled"
25 410411 "In The Wet State (Including Wet-Blue),-- Full Grains, Unsplit, Grain Splits"
26 41041110 "Whole Bovine (Including Buffalo) Hides And Skins, Of A Unit Surface Area Not Exceeding 28 Square Feet (2,6 M2)"
27 41044919 "Whole Hides And Skins Of Bovine Incl. Buffalo Animals, With A Surface Area Of <= 2,6 M², In The Dry State Crust, Without Hair On, Whether Or Not Split (Excl. Further Prepared And Full Grains, Unsplit, Grain Splits And Hides And Skins Of East India Kip Of
28 410510 In The Wet State (Including Wet-Blue)
29 41051010 "Skins Of Sheep Or Lambs, In The Wet State Incl. Wet-Blue, Tanned, Without Wool On, Unsplit (Excl. Further Prepared And Pre"
30 41051010 Not Split
31 41051090 Split
32 410530 In The Dry State (Crust)
33 41053010 "Vegetable Pre-Tanned Indian Hair Sheep, Whether Or Not Having Undergone Certain Treatments, But Obviously Unsuitable For Immediate Use For The Manufacture Of Leather Articles"
34 41053091 "Other,Not Split"
35 41053099 "Skins Of Sheep Or Lambs, In The Dry State Crust, Without Wool On, Split (Excl. Further Prepared And Pre-Tanned Only, And Indian Hair Sheep Skins, In The Dry State Crust, Without Wool On, Vegetable Pre"
36 410621 "Of Goats Or Kids,In The Wet State (Including Wet-Blue)"
37 41062110 Not Split
38 410799 Other
39 41079910 Bovine (Including Buffalo) Leather
40 411200 "Leather Further Prepared After Tanning Or Crusting, Including Parchment-Dressed Leather, Of Sheep Or Lamb, Without Wool On, Whether Or Not Split, Other Than Leather Of Heading 4114"
41 41120000 "Leather Further Prepared After Tanning Or Crusting Incl. Parchment-Dressed Leather, Of Sheep Or Lambs, Without Wool On, Whether Or Not Split (Excl. Chamois Leather, Patent Leather And Patent Laminated Leather, And Metallised Leather)"
42 41120000 Cueros preparados después del curtido o secado y cueros y pieles apergaminados, de ovino, depilados, incluso divididos (excepto los de la partida 4114)
43 41139000 Other
44 411410 Chamois (Including Combination Chamois) Leather
45 41141010 Of Sheep Or Lambs
46 42031000 "Articles Of Apparel, Of Leather Or Composition Leather (Excl. Clothing Accessories, Footware And Headgear And Parts Thereof, And Goods Of Chapter 95, E.G. Shin Guards, Fencing Masks)"
47 42050019 Los demás
48 42050090 Los demás
49 430219 Other
50 43021980 "Tanned Or Dressed Furskins Of Sheep Or Lambss, Whole, With Or Without Heads, Tails Or Paws, Not Assembled"
51 43021980 Other
52 43031090 Los demás
53 43039000 Los demás
54 43040000 Peletería facticia o artificial y artículos de peletería facticia o artificial
55 64059090 Con suela de otras materias
56 82089000 "Knives And Cutting Blades, Of Base Metal, For Machines Or For Mechanical Appliances (Excl. Those For Metal Or Wood Working, Kitchen Appliances Or Machines Used By The Food Industry And Those For Agricultural, Horticultural Or Forestry Machines)"
57 82089000 Other
58 84531000 "Machinery For Preparing, Tanning Or Working Hides, Skins Or Leather (Excl. Drying Machines, Spray Guns, Machines For The Dehairing Of Pigs, Sewing Machines And General Purpose Presses)"
59 84531000 "Machinery For Preparing, Tanning Or Working Hides, Skins Or Leather"
60 84539000 "Parts Of Machinery For Preparing, Tanning Or Working Hides, Skins Or Leather Or For Making Or Repairing Footwear Or Other Articles Of Hides, Skins Or Leather, N.E.S."
61 84539000 Parts
62 90249000 "Parts And Accessories For Machines And Appliances For Testing The Mechanical Properties Of Materials, N.E.S."