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  • Address : ***************
  • City State : ***************
  • Country : : Spain
  • Web Page : ***************
  • E-Mail : ***************
  • Telephone : ***************
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 080810 Fresh Apples
2 39231000 "Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics"
3 44152020 "Pallets And Pallet Collars, Of Wood"
4 44152090 "Box Pallets And Other Load Boards, Of Wood (Excl. Containers Specially Designed And Equipped For One Or More Modes Of Transport, Flat Pallets And Pallet Collars)"
5 480269 "Uncoated Paper And Paperboard, Of A Kind Used For Writing, Printing Or Other Graphic Purposes, And Non-Perforated Punch-Cards And Punch Tape Paper, In Square Or Rectangular Sheets With One Side > 435 Mm Or With One Side <= 435 Mm And The Other Side > 297
6 84248995 "Mechanical Appliances, Whether Or Not Hand-Operated, For Projecting, Dispersing Or Spraying Liquids Or Powders, N.E.S."
7 84328000 "Agricultural, Horticultural Or Forestry Machinery For Soil Preparation Or Cultivation, Lawn Or Sports-Ground Rollers (Excl. Sprayers And Dusters, Ploughs, Harrows, Scarifiers, Cultivators, Weeders, Hoes, Seeders, Planters, Manure Spreaders And Fertiliser
8 84329000 "Parts Of Agricultural, Horticultural Or Forestry Machinery For Soil Preparation Or Cultivation Or Of Lawn Or Sports-Ground Rollers, N.E.S."
9 84339000 "Parts Of Harvesting Machinery, Threshing Machinery, Mowers And Machines For Cleaning, Sorting Or Grading Agricultural Produce, N.E.S."