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  • Address : ***************
  • City State : ***************
  • Country : : Spain
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 17011490 Los demás
2 17019910 "White Sugar, Containing In Dry State>= 99,5% Sucrose (Excl. Flavoured Or Coloured)"
3 17019990 "Cane Or Beet Sugar And Chemically Pure Sucrose, In Solid Form (Excl. Cane And Beet Sugar Containing Added Flavouring Or Colouring, Raw Sugar And White Sugar)"
4 180690 Other
5 18069039 "Other,Not Filled"
6 18069039 Sin rellenar
7 18069050 Artículos de confitería y sucedáneos fabricados con productos sustitutivos del azúcar, que contengan cacao
8 34021900 Los demás
9 48103100 "Kraft Paper And Paperboard, Bleached Uniformly Throughout The Mass And Containing > 95% Chemically Processed Wood Fibres By Weight In Relation To The Total Fibre Content, Coated On One Or Both Sides With Kaolin Or Other Inorganic Substances, In Rolls Of
10 48103100 "Kraft Paper And Paperboard, Other Than That Of A Kind Used For Writing, Printing Or Other Graphic Purposes,Bleached Uniformly Throughout The Mass And Of Which More Than 95 % By Weight Of The Total Fibre Content Consists Of Wood Fibres Obtained B"
11 48103100 Blanqueados uniformemente en la masa y con un contenido de fibras de madera obtenidas por procedimiento químico superior al 95 % en peso del contenido total de fibra, de peso inferior o igual a 150 g/m²
12 48115900 "Paper And Paperboard, Surface-Coloured, Surface-Decorated Or Printed, Coated, Impregnated Or Covered With Artificial Resins Or Plastics, In Rolls Or In Square Or Rectangular Sheets, Of Any Size (Excl. Bleached And Weighing > 150 G/M², And Adhesives)"
13 82079099 Los demás
14 82089000 Las demás
15 84224000 "Packing Or Wrapping Machinery, Incl. Heat-Shrink Wrapping Machinery (Excl. Machinery For Filling, Closing, Sealing Or Labelling Bottles, Cans, Boxes, Bags Or Other Containers And Machinery For Capsuling Bottles, Jars, Tubes And Similar Containers)"
16 842290 Parts
17 84229090 Other