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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 34049090 "Artificial Waxes (Excl. Prepared Waxes, Incl. Sealing Waxes And Chemically Modified Lignite Waxes And Polyoxyethylene [Polyethylene Glycol] Waxes"
2 39221000 "Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks And Wash-Basins, Of Plastics"
3 39229000 "Bidets, Lavatory Pans, Flushing Cisterns And Similar Sanitary Ware, Of Plastics (Excl. Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks, Wash-Basins, Lavatory Seats And Covers)"
4 39249090 "Household Articles And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics Other Than Regenerated Cellulose (Excl. Tableware, Kitchenware, Baths, Shower-Baths, Wash-Basins, Bidets, Lavatory Pans, Seats And Covers, Flushing Cisterns And Similar Sanitary Ware)"
5 48030090 "Toilet Or Facial Tissue Stock, Towel Or Napkin Stock And Similar Paper For Household Or Sanitary Purposes, Cellulose Wadding And Webs Of Cellulose Fibres, Whether Or Not Creped, Crinkled, Embossed, Perforated, Surface-Coloured, Surface-Decorated Or Print
6 590310 With Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
7 59031090 "Coated, Covered Or Laminated"
8 59031090 "Textile Fabrics Coated, Covered Or Laminated With Polyvinyl Chloride (Excl. Wall Coverings Of Textile Materials Covered With Polyvinyl Chloride, Floor Coverings Consisting Of A Textile Backing And A Top Layer Or Covering Of Polyvinyl Chloride)"
9 62114310 "Women'S Or Girls' Aprons, Overalls, Smock-Overalls And Other Industrial And Occupational Clothing, Of Man-Made Fibres (Excl. Knitted Or Crocheted)"
10 63026000 "Toilet Linen And Kitchen Linen, Of Terry Towelling Or Similar Terry Fabrics Of Cotton (Excl. Floor-Cloths, Polishing-Cloths, Dish-Cloths And Dusters)"
11 69101000 "Ceramic Sinks, Wash Basins, Wash Basin Pedestals, Baths, Bidets, Water Closet Pans, Flushing Cisterns, Urinals And Similar Sanitary Fixtures Of Porcelain Or China (Excl. Soap Dishes, Sponge Holders, Tooth-Brush Holders, Towel Hooks And Toilet Paper Holde
12 69101000 Of Porcelain Or China
13 70099100 "Other,Unframed"
14 82142000 "Manicure Or Pedicure Sets And Instruments, Incl. Nail Files, Of Base Metal (Excl. Ordinary Scissors)"
15 830220 Castors With Mountings Of Base Metal
16 848180 Other Appliances
17 84818011 "Mixing Valves For Sinks, Wash Basins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures"
18 84818011 "Taps, Cocks And Valves For Sinks, Washbasins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures,Mixing Valves"
19 851631 "Electrothermic Hairdressing Or Hand-Drying Apparatus,Hairdryers"
20 85163110 Drying Hoods
21 85163110 Electric Drying Hoods
22 94013010 "Swivel Seats With Variable Height Adjustments, Upholstered, With Backrest And Fitted With Castors Or Glides (Excl. Medical, Surgical And Dental)"
23 94018000 "Seats, N.E.S."
24 94021000 "Dentists', Barbers' Or Similar Chairs And Parts Thereof"
25 94021000 "Dentists', Barbers' Or Similar Chairs Having Rotating As Well As Both Reclining And Elevating Movement, And Parts Thereof, N.E.S."
26 94029000 "Operating Tables, Examination Tables, And Other Medical, Dental, Surgical Or Veterinary Furniture (Excl. Dentists' Or Similar Chairs, Special Tables For X-Ray Examination, And Stretchers And Litters, Incl. Trolley-Stretchers)"
27 94033019 "Wooden Furniture For Offices, Of <= 80 Cm In Height (Excl. Desks And Seats)"
28 940360 Other Wooden Furniture
29 94036090 "Wooden Furniture (Excl. For Offices Or Shops, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms And Bedrooms, And Seats)"
30 94036090 Other Wooden Furniture
31 94037000 Furniture Of Plastics
32 94049090 "Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishing, Fitted With Springs Or Stuffed Or Internally Filled With Any Material Or Of Cellular Rubber Or Plastics (Excl. Filled With Feather Or Down, Mattress Supports, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Pneumatic Or Water Mattr
33 96151100 "Combs, Hair-Slides And The Like Of Hard Rubber Or Plastics"