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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 37079011 "Developers And Fixers For Colour Polychrome Photography In The Form Of Chemical Preparations For Photographic Use, Incl. Unmixed Products, In Measured Doses Or Put Up For Retail Sale Ready For Use, For Film And Photographic Plates (Excl. Salts And Compou
2 39231000 "Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics"
3 40149090 "Hygienic Or Pharmaceutical Articles, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber), With Or Without Fittings Of Hard Rubber, N.E.S. (Excl. Teats, Nipple Shields And Similar Articles For Babies, Sheath Contraceptives And Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Access
4 42032910 "Protective Gloves Of Leather Or Composition Leather, For All Trades"
5 61169900 "Gloves, Mittens And Mitts, Of Textile Materials, Knitted Or Crocheted (Excl. Of Wool, Fine Animal Hair, Cotton Or Synthetic Fibres, Impregnated, Coated Or Covered With Plastics Or Rubber, And For Babies)"
6 62019900 "Men'S Or Boys' Anoraks, Incl. Ski-Jackets, Wind-Cheaters, Wind-Jackets And Similar Articles Of Textile Materials (Excl. Of Wool, Fine Animal Hair, Cotton Or Man-Made Fibres, Knitted Or Crocheted, Suits, Ensembles, Jackets, Blazers And Trousers)"
7 62034950 "Men'S Or Boys' Shorts Of Artificial Fibres (Excl. Knitted Or Crocheted, Underpants And Swimwear)"
8 70060090 "Sheets Or Profiles Of Glass, Whether Or Not Having An Absorbent, Reflecting Or Non-Reflecting Layer, Bent, Edge-Worked, Engraved, Enamelled Or Otherwise Worked, But Not Framed Or Fitted With Other Materials (Excl. Optical Glass, Safety Glass, Multiple-Wa
9 84713000 "Data-Processing Machines, Automatic, Digital, Portable, Weighing <= 10 Kg, Consisting Of At Least A Central Processing Unit, A Keyboard And A Display (Excl. Peripheral Units)"
10 847160 "Input Or Output Units For Digital Automatic Data Processing Machines, Whether Or Not Containing Storage Units In The Same Housing"
11 84719000 "Magnetic Or Optical Readers, Machines For Transcribing Data Onto Data Media In Coded Form And Machines For Processing Such Data, N.E.S."
12 851850 Electric Sound Amplifier Sets
13 85243920 Digital Versatile Discs Dvd
14 85364900 Relays For A Voltage > 60 V But <= 1.000 V
15 85365019 "Switches For A Voltage Of <= 60 V (Excl. Relays, Push-Button Switches And Rotary Switches)"
16 85365080 "Switches For A Voltage Of > 60 V And <= 1.000 V (Excl. Relays, Automatic Circuit Breakers, Electronic Ac Switches Consisting Of Optically Coupled Input And Output Circuits Insulated Thyristor Ac Switches, Electronic Switches, Incl. Temperature Protected
17 85411000 Diodes (Excl. Photosensitive Or Light Emitting Diodes)
18 85414010 "Light-Emitting Diodes, Incl. Laser Diodes"
19 85414090 "Photosensitive Semiconductor Devices, Incl. Photovoltaic Cells"
20 85415000 "Semiconductor Devices, N.E.S."
21 854389 "Electrical Machines And Apparatus, Having Individual Functions, Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In Chapter 239"
22 87168000 Vehicles Pushed Or Drawn By Hand And Other Vehicles Not Mechanically Propelled (Excl. Trailers And Semi-Trailers)
23 90105090 "Apparatus And Equipment For Photographic Or Cinematographic Laboratories, N.E.S., Negatoscopes"
24 90109090 "Parts And Accessories For Apparatus And Equipment For Photographic Or Cinematographic Laboratories, Negatoscopes And Projection Screens, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Apparatus For The Projection Or Drawing Of Circuit Patterns On Sensitised Semiconductor Materials Or
25 90138090 "Magnifying Glasses, Thread Counters, Stereoscopes, Kaleidoscopes And Other Optical Instruments And Apparatus Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In Chapter 135"
26 90189049 Diathermic Apparatus (Excl. Ultrasonic And Ultra-Violet Or Infra-Red Apparatus)
27 90189050 Transfusion Apparatus Used In Medical Sciences
28 90189085 "Instruments And Appliances Used In Medical, Surgical Or Veterinary Sciences, N.E.S."
29 90229010 "X-Ray Fluorescent Screens And X-Ray Intensifying Screens, Anti-Scatter Shields And Grids"
30 90229090 "X-Ray Generators Other Than X-Ray Tubes, High Tension Generators, Control Panels And Desks, Examination Or Treatment Tables, Chairs And The Like, And General Parts And Accessories For Apparatus Of Heading 9022, N.E.S."
31 902690 "Parts And Accessories For Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking The Flow, Level, Pressure Or Other Variables Of Liquids Or Gases, N.E.S."
32 90278097 "Non-Electronic Instruments And Apparatus For Physical Or Chemical Analysis Or For Determining Surface Tension Or The Like, Or For Measuring Heat Or Sound, N.E.S."
33 90292090 Stroboscopes
34 903089 "Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Or Checking Electrical Quantities, N.E.S. (Excl. Recording Device)"
35 903180 "Instruments, Appliances And Machines For Measuring Or Checking, Not Elsewhere Specified In Chapter 90 (Excl. Optical)"
36 903289 "Regulating Or Controlling Instruments And Apparatus (Excl. Hydraulic Or Pneumatic, Manostats, Thermostats, And Taps, Cocks And Valves Of Heading 8481)"
37 90330000 "Parts And Accessories For Machines, Appliances, Instruments Or Other Apparatus In Chapter 90, Specified Neither In This Chapter Nor Elsewhere"