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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 390290 Other
2 39029090 "Polymers Of Propylene Or Of Other Olefins, In Primary Forms (Excl. Polypropylene, Polyisobutylene, Propylene Copolymers, And A A-B-A Block Copolymer Of Polystyrene, Ethylene-Butylene Copolymer And Polystyrene, Containing By Weight <= 35% Of Styrene And P
3 39029090 Los demás
4 39029090 Other
5 39042200 "Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, In Primary Forms, Mixed With Other Substances"
6 39174000 Fittings
7 39191090 "Self-Adhesive Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil, Tape, Strip And Other Flat Shapes, Of Plastics, In Rolls <= 20 Cm Wide (Excl. Those Of Addition Polymerization Products, Condensation And Rearrangement Polymerization Products, Whether Or Not Chemically Modified,
8 39202021 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Non-Cellular Polymers Of Propylene, Not Reinforced, Laminated, Supported Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials, Not Further Worked Or Only Surface-Worked And Not Cut To Shapes Other Than Rectangular Incl. Squ
9 39253000 "Shutters, Blinds (Including Venetian Blinds) And Similar Articles And Parts Thereof"
10 39253000 "Shutters, Blinds, Incl. Venetian Blinds, And Similar Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Plastics (Excl. Fittings And Similar Articles)"
11 39253000 Contraventanas, persianas, incluidas las venecianas, y artículos similares, y sus partes
12 39259010 Accesorios y guarniciones para fijar permanentemente en puertas, ventanas, escaleras, paredes y otras partes de edificios
13 392690 "Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Heading 3901 To 3914, N.E.S"
14 392690 Other
15 39269097 "Other,Other"
16 39269097 Las demás
17 49019900 "Printed Books, Brochures And Similar Printed Matter (Excl. Those In Single Sheets, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Periodicals And Publications Which Are Essentially Devoted To Advertising)"
18 540761 "Other Woven Fabrics, Containing 85 % Or More By Weight Of Polyester Filaments,Containing 85 % Or More By Weight Of Non-Textured Polyester Filaments"
19 54076130 "Woven Fabrics Of Yarn Containing >= 85% By Weight Of Non-Textured Polyester Filaments, Incl. Monofilament Of >= 67 Decitex And A Maximum Diameter Of <= 1 Mm, Dyed"
20 54076130 Dyed
21 54076990 Los demás
22 560312 Weighing More Than 25 G/M2 But Not More Than 70 G/M2
23 56031210 "Nonwovens, Coated Or Covered, N.E.S., Of Man-Made Filaments, Weighing > 25 G/M² But <= 70 G/M²"
24 56031210 Coated Or Covered
25 56031290 "Nonwovens, Whether Or Not Impregnated Or Laminated, N.E.S., Of Man-Made Filaments, Weighing > 25 G/M² But <= 70 G/M² (Excl. Coated Or Covered)"
26 56031290 Other
27 56071000 "Twine, Cordage, Ropes And Cables, Of Jute Or Other Textile Bast Fibres Of Heading 5303, Whether Or Not Plaited Or Braided And Whether Or Not Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Sheathed With Rubber Or Plastics"
28 56075019 Los demás
29 56075090 De las demás fibras sintéticas
30 58064000 Cintas sin trama, de hilados o fibras paralelizados y aglutinados
31 590310 With Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
32 59031090 "Coated, Covered Or Laminated"
33 59031090 "Textile Fabrics Coated, Covered Or Laminated With Polyvinyl Chloride (Excl. Wall Coverings Of Textile Materials Covered With Polyvinyl Chloride, Floor Coverings Consisting Of A Textile Backing And A Top Layer Or Covering Of Polyvinyl Chloride)"
34 59031090 Recubiertas, revestidas o estratificadas
35 59039099 Las demás
36 60024000 "Containing By Weight 5 % Or More Of Elastomeric Yarn, But Not Containing Rubber Thread"
37 60024000 "Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics, Of A Width Of <= 30 Cm, Containing >= 5% By Weight Elastomeric Yarn (Excl. Containing Rubber Thread, Pile Fabrics, Incl. Long Pile, Looped Pile Fabrics, Labels, Badges And Similar Articles, And Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics,
38 60024000 Con un contenido de hilados de elástomeros superior o igual al 5 % en peso, sin hilos de caucho
39 600532 Dyed
40 60053210 "For Curtains, Including Net Curtain Fabric"
41 630392 "Curtains, Incl. Drapes, And Interior Blinds, Curtain Or Bed Valances Of Synthetic Fibres (Excl. Knitted Or Crocheted, Awnings And Sunblinds)"
42 63039290 "Curtains, Incl. Drapes, And Interior Blinds, Curtain Or Bed Valances Of Synthetic Fibres (Excl. Nonwovens, Knitted Or Crocheted, Awnings And Sunblinds)"
43 630790 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, N.E.S."
44 63079099 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Felt, And Knitted Or Crocheted)"
45 63080000 Juegos constituidos por piezas de tejido e hilados, incluso con accesorios, para la confección de alfombras, tapicería, manteles o servilletas bordados o de artículos textiles similares, en envases para la venta al por menor
46 70195200 De anchura superior a 30 cm, de ligamento tafetán, con peso inferior a 250 g/m², de filamentos de título inferior o igual a 136 tex por hilo sencillo
47 70195900 Los demás
48 722020 "Flat-Rolled Products Of Stainless Steel, Of A Width Of < 600 Mm, Not Further Worked Than Cold-Rolled Cold-Reduced"
49 722020 Not Further Worked Than Cold-Rolled (Cold-Reduced)
50 72202081 "Of A Thickness Not Exceeding 0,35 Mm, Containing By Weight,2,5 % Or More Of Nickel"
51 73069000 "Tubes, Pipes And Hollow Profiles E.G., Open Seam, Riveted Or Similarly Closed, Of Iron Or Steel (Excl. Of Cast Iron, Seamless Or Welded Tubes And Pipes And Tubes And Pipes Having Internal And External Circular Cross-Sections And An External Diameter Of >
52 73069000 Los demás
53 73069000 Other
54 731582 "Other, Welded Link"
55 73158210 "Welded Link Chain Of Iron Or Steel, The Constituent Material Of Which Has A Maximum Cross-Sectional Dimension Of <= 16 Mm (Excl. Safety Devices With Chains For Securing Doors)"
56 73158210 The Constituent Material Of Which Has A Maximum Cross-Sectional Dimension Of 16 Mm Or Less
57 73181590 "Screws And Bolts, Of Iron Or Steel Whether Or Not With Their Nuts And Washers, With Heads (Excl. Slotted And Cross-Recessed Screws And Bolts, Hexagon Socket And Hexagon Screws And Bolts, Wood Screws, Self-Tapping Screws And Screws And Bolts For Fixing Ra
58 73261910 "Articles Of Iron Or Steel, Open-Die Forged, But Not Further Worked, N.E.S. (Excl. Grinding Balls And Similar Articles For Mills)"
59 73261990 "Articles Of Iron Or Steel, Closed-Die Forged Or Stamped, But Not Further Worked, N.E.S. (Excl. Grinding Balls And Similar Articles For Mills)"
60 74152900 Los demás
61 760410 "Of Aluminium, Not Alloyed"
62 76041010 "Bars, Rods And Profiles, Of Non-Alloy Aluminium"
63 76041090 Profiles
64 760429 Other
65 76042990 Profiles
66 76069200 De aleaciones de aluminio
67 760711 "Not Backed,Rolled But Not Further Worked"
68 76071119 Las demás
69 76071190 "Of A Thickness Of Not Less Than 0,021 Mm But Not More Than 0,2 Mm"
70 760719 Other
71 76071999 "Aluminium Foil, Not Backed, Rolled And Worked, Of A Thickness (Excl. Any Backing) Of >= 0,021 Mm But <= 0,2 Mm, Not Self-Adhesive (Excl. Stamping Foils Of Heading 3212, And Foil Made Up As Christmas Tree Decorating Material)"
72 76071999 "Of A Thickness Of Not Less Than 0,021 Mm But Not More Than 0,2 Mm,Other"
73 76169990 "Articles Of Aluminium, Uncast, N.E.S."
74 82032090 "Pliers, Incl. Cutting Pliers, Pincers And Similar Hand Tools Of Base Metal (Excl.Tweezers)"
75 82051000 "Hand-Operated Drilling, Threading Or Tapping Hand Tools"
76 82055910 "Hand Tools For Masons, Moulders, Cement Workers, Plasterers And Painters, Of Base Metal, N.E.S."
77 82075050 "Tools For Drilling Metal, Interchangeable, With Working Parts Of Sintered Metal Carbide Or Cermets (Excl. Tools For Tapping)"
78 82075090 "Tools For Drilling, Interchangeable, For Working Materials Other Than Metal, With Working Parts Of Materials Other Than Diamond Or Agglomerated Diamond (Excl. Tools For Rock Drilling Or Earth Boring, Wall Boring And Tools For Tapping)"
79 82089000 "Knives And Cutting Blades, Of Base Metal, For Machines Or For Mechanical Appliances (Excl. Those For Metal Or Wood Working, Kitchen Appliances Or Machines Used By The Food Industry And Those For Agricultural, Horticultural Or Forestry Machines)"
80 83024100 Base Metal Mountings And Fittings Suitable For Buildings (Excl. Locks With Keys And Hinges)
81 83024150 Para ventanas y puertas vidrieras
82 83024190 Los demás
83 83026000 Automatic Door Closers
84 83081000 "Hooks, Eyes And Eyelets, Of Base Metal, Of A Kind Used For Clothing, Footwear, Awnings, Handbags, Travel Goods Or Other Made Up Articles"
85 84519000 "Parts Of Machines For Washing, Cleaning, Wringing, Drying, Ironing, Pressing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Dressing, Finishing, Coating Or Impregnating Textile Yarns, Fabrics Or Made Up Textile Articles, Parts Of Machines Used In The Manufacture Of Linoleum Or Oth
86 84519000 Partes
87 84519000 Parts
88 84619000 "Planing Machines And Other Machine-Tools For Working Metals, Metal Carbides Or Cermets By Removing Material, N.E.S."
89 84624110 "Punching Or Notching Machines, Incl. Presses, And Combined Punching And Shearing Machines, Numerically Controlled, For Working Flat Metal Products"
90 84663000 "Dividing Heads And Other Special Attachments For Machine-Tools, N.E.S."
91 84669280 Los demás
92 84669400 Para máquinas de las partidas 8462 u 8463
93 85051100 De metal