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  • Country : : Spain
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 39234090 "Spools, Cops, Bobbins And Similar Supports, Of Plastics (Excl. Those For Photographic And Cinematographic Film Or For Tapes, Films And The Like, For Sound Or Video Recordings Or The Recording Of Signals, Data Or Programmes)"
2 53089090 "Yarn Of Vegetable Textile Fibres (Excl. Flax Yarn, Yarn Of Jute Or Of Other Textile Bast Fibres Of Heading 5303, Coconut Coir Yarn, Hemp Yarn, Paper Yarn, Ramie Yarn And Cotton Yarn)"
3 540110 "Sewing Thread Of Synthetic Filaments, Whether Or Not Put Up For Retail Sale"
4 54049019 "Strip And The Like, E.G. Artificial Straw, Of Polypropylene, With An Apparent Width Of <= 5 Mm (Excl. Decorative Strip Of The Type Used For Packaging)"
5 59039099 "Textile Fabrics Coated, Covered Or Laminated With Plastics Other Than Polyvinyl Chloride Or Polyurethane (Excl. Those With Textile Materials Forming The Right Side, Tyre Cord Fabric Of High Tenacity Yarn Of Nylon Or Other Polyamides, Polyesters Or Viscos
6 70191910 Slivers And Yarn Of Glass Filaments (Excl. Glass Filaments In Chopped Strands Of A Length Of <= 50 Mm And Rovings)
7 70199099 "Articles Of Non-Textile Glass Fibres (Excl. Electrical Insulators Or Parts Thereof, Optical Fibre Bundles Or Cable, Brushes Of Glass Fibres, Lighting Cables And The Like)"
8 84481900 "Auxiliary Machinery For Machines Of Heading 8444, 8445, 8446 Or 8447 (Excl. Doobies And Jacquards, Card Reducing, Copying, Punching Or Assembling Machines For Use Therewith)"
9 84483390 Spinning Rings And Ring Travellers For Machines Of Heading 8453
10 84483900 "Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of Heading 8445, N.E.S."
11 84484900 "Parts And Accessories Of Weaving Machines Looms And Their Auxiliary Machinery, N.E.S."
12 84485900 "Parts And Accessories Of Machines Of Heading 8447, N.E.S."
13 84733090 "Parts And Accessories Of Automatic Data Processing Machines Or For Other Machines Of Heading 8471, N.E.S. (Excl. Electronic Assemblies)"
14 850440 Static Converters