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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 39231000 "Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics"
2 392690 "Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Heading 3901 To 3914, N.E.S"
3 40101900 "Conveyor Belts Or Belting, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Reinforced Only With Metal, Only With Textile Materials Or Only With Plastics)"
4 401693 "Gaskets, Washers And Other Seals, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber And Those Of Cellular Rubber)"
5 73181569 "Hexagon Socket Screws And Bolts, Of Iron Or Steel Other Than Stainless Whether Or Not With Their Nuts And Washers, With Heads (Excl. Wood Screws, Self-Tapping Screws And Screws And Bolts For Fixing Railway Track Construction Material)"
6 73182100 "Spring Washers And Other Lock Washers, Of Iron Or Steel"
7 841981 "Machinery, Plant And Equipment For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food (Excl. Domestic Appliances)"
8 84749090 Parts Of Machinery Of Heading 8474 (Excl. Of Cast Iron Or Cast Steel)
9 848340 "Gears And Gearing For Machinery (Excl. Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets And Other Transmission Elements Presented Separately), Ball Or Roller Screws, Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Incl. Torque Converters"
10 848390 "Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets And Other Transmission Elements Presented Separately, Parts Of Transmission Shafts, Ball Screws, Couplings And Other Articles Of Heading 8483, N.E.S."
11 850131 "Dc Motors Of An Output > 37,5 W But <= 750 W And Dc Generators Of An Output <= 750 W"
12 850151 "Ac Motors, Multi-Phase, Of An Output > 37,5 W But <= 750 W"
13 850152 "Ac Motors, Multi-Phase, Of An Output > 750 W But <= 75 Kw"
14 850240 Electric Rotary Converters
15 85030099 "Parts Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With Electric Motors And Generators, Electric Generating Sets And Rotary Converters, N.E.S. (Excl. Non-Magnetic Retaining Rings And Of Cast Iron Or Cast Steel)"
16 850440 Static Converters
17 902519 "Thermometers And Pyrometers, Not Combined With Other Instruments (Excl. Liquid-Filled Thermometers For Direct Reading)"
18 902580 "Hydrometers, Areometers And Similar Floating Instruments, Barometers, Hygrometers And Psychrometers, Whether Or Not Combined With Each Other Or With Thermometers"
19 96035000 "Brushes Constituting Parts Of Machines, Appliances Or Vehicles"