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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 38190000 "Hydraulic Brake Fluids And Other Prepared Liquids For Hydraulic Transmission Not Containing Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil, Or Containing < 70% Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil By Weight"
2 38243000 Non-Agglomerated Metal Carbides Mixed Together Or With Metallic Binders
3 39012090 "Polyethylene With A Specific Gravity Of >= 0,94, In Primary Forms (Excl. Polyethylene In Blocks Of Irregular Shape, Lumps, Powders, Granules, Flakes And Similar Bulk Forms, Of A Specific Gravity Of >= 0,958 At 23°C, Containing <= 50 Mg/Kg Of Aluminium, <
4 39232990 "Sacks And Bags, Incl. Cones, Of Plastics (Excl. Those Of Polyvinyl Chloride And Polymers Of Ethylene)"
5 39235090 "Stoppers, Lids, Caps And Other Closures, Of Plastics (Excl. Caps And Capsules For Bottles)"
6 39239090 "Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics (Excl. Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles, Sacks And Bags, Incl. Cones, Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles, Spools, Spindles, Bobbins And Similar Supports, Stoppers, Lids, C
7 49011000 "Printed Books, Brochures And Similar Printed Matter, In Single Sheets, Whether Or Not Folded (Excl. Periodicals And Publications Which Are Essentially Devoted To Advertising)"
8 49019900 "Printed Books, Brochures And Similar Printed Matter (Excl. Those In Single Sheets, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Periodicals And Publications Which Are Essentially Devoted To Advertising)"
9 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
10 49111090 Trade Advertising Material And The Like (Other Than Commercial Catalogues)
11 62072200 "Men'S Or Boys' Nightshirts And Pyjamas Of Man-Made Fibres (Excl. Knitted Or Crocheted, Vests, Singlets And Underpants)"
12 722240 "Angles, Shapes And Sections Of Stainless Steel, N.E.S."
13 73181300 "Screw Hooks And Screw Rings, Of Iron Or Steel"
14 73181900 "Threaded Articles, Of Iron Or Steel, N.E.S."
15 73182900 "Non-Threaded Articles, Of Iron Or Steel"
16 81039010 "Tantalium Bars And Rods (Other Than Those Obtained Simply By Sintering), Profiles, Wire, Plates, Sheets, Strip And Foil, N.E.S."
17 81059000 "Articles Of Cobalt, N.E.S."
18 81082000 "Unwrought Titanium, Titanium Powders"
19 81089030 "Titanium Bars, Rods, Profiles And Wire, N.E.S."
20 81089050 "Titanium Plates, Sheets, Strip And Foil"
21 81089090 "Articles Of Titanium, N.E.S."
22 82055990 "Hand Tools, Incl. Glaziers' Diamonds, Of Base Metal, N.E.S."
23 82075090 "Tools For Drilling, Interchangeable, For Working Materials Other Than Metal, With Working Parts Of Materials Other Than Diamond Or Agglomerated Diamond (Excl. Tools For Rock Drilling Or Earth Boring, Wall Boring And Tools For Tapping)"
24 84629990 "Presses, Not Hydraulic, Not Numerically Controlled, For Working Metals (Excl. Forging, Bending, Folding, Straightening And Flattening Presses, Presses For Moulding Metallic Powders By Sintering Or Presses For Compressing Scrap Metal Into Bales)"
25 84639000 "Machine-Tools For Working Metal, Sintered Metal Carbides Or Cermets, Without Removing Metal (Excl. Forging, Bending, Folding, Straightening And Flattening Presses, Shearing Machines, Punching Or Notching Machines, Presses, Draw-Benches, Thread Rolling Ma
26 84661039 "Tool Holders For Machine-Tools, Incl. Tool Holders For Any Type Of Tool For Working In The Hand (Excl. Tool Holders For Lathes, Arbors, Collets And Sleeves)"
27 84662010 "Work Holders For Machine-Tools In The Form Of Jigs And Fixtures For Specific Applications, Incl. Sets Of Standard Jig And Fixture Components"
28 850780 "Electric Accumulators (Excl. Spent And Lead-Acid, Nickel-Cadmium Or Nickel-Iron Accumulators)"
29 85243910 "Discs, Recorded, For Laser Reading Systems, For Reproducing Representations Of Instructions, Data, Sound, And Image Recorded In A Machine Readable Binary Form, And Capable Of Being Manipulated Or Providing Interactivity To A User, By Means Of An Automati
30 94029000 "Operating Tables, Examination Tables, And Other Medical, Dental, Surgical Or Veterinary Furniture (Excl. Dentists' Or Similar Chairs, Special Tables For X-Ray Examination, And Stretchers And Litters, Incl. Trolley-Stretchers)"
31 96039099 "Mops And Leather Dusters, Prepared Knots And Tufts For Broom Or Brush Making, Squeegees Of Rubber Or Similar Flexible Materials, Brooms And Brushes, N.E.S."