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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 06012090 "Bulbs, Tubers, Tuberous Roots, Corms, Crowns And Rhizomes, In Growth Or In Flower (Excl. Those Used For Human Consumption, Orchids, Hyacinths, Narcissi, Tulips And Chicory Plants And Roots)"
2 07095200 Fresh Or Chilled Truffles
3 07108069 "Frozen Mushrooms, Uncooked Or Cooked By Steaming Or By Boiling In Water (Excl. Of The Genus Agaricus)"
4 07108095 "Vegetables, Whether Or Not Cooked By Boiling In Water Or By Steaming, Frozen (Excl. Potatoes, Leguminous Vegetables, Spinach, New Zealand Spinach, Orache Spinach, Sweetcorn, Olives, Fruits Of The Genus Capsicum Or Of The Genus Pimenta, Mushrooms, Tomatoe
5 07123900 "Dried Mushrooms And Truffles, Whole, Cut, Sliced, Broken Or In Powder, But Not Further Prepared (Excl. Mushrooms Of The Genus Agaricus, Wood Ears Auricularia Spp. And Jelly Fungi Tremella Spp.)"
6 08111090 "Strawberries, Uncooked Or Cooked By Steaming Or Boiling In Water, Unsweetened, Frozen"
7 08112059 "Blackberries And Mulberries, Uncooked Or Cooked By Steaming Or Boiling In Water, Frozen, Unsweetened"
8 08119095 "Frozen Fruit And Nuts, Edible, Uncooked Or Cooked By Steaming Or Boiling In Water, Not Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Matter (Excl. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Mulberries, Loganberries, Black, White Or Redcurrants, Fruits Of The
9 10063094 "Wholly Milled Medium Grain Rice, Whether Or Not Polished Or Glazed (Excl. Parboiled)"
10 10063098 "Wholy Milled Long Grain Rice, Length/Width Ratio >= 3, Whether Or Not Polished Or Glazed (Excl. Parboiled)"
11 10064000 Broken Rice
12 12099999 "Seeds, Fruit And Spores, For Sowing (Excl. Leguminous Vegetables And Sweetcorn, Coffee, Tea, Mate And Spices, Cereals, Oil Seeds And Oleaginous Fruits, Beets, Forage Plants, Vegetable Seeds, Forest-Tree Seeds And Seeds Of Plants Cultivated Mainly For Flo
13 15159091 "Solid Fixed Vegetable Fats And Oils And Their Fractions, Whether Or Not Refined, But Not Chemically Modified, In Immediate Packings Of <= 1 Kg, N.E.S. (Excl. For Technical Or Industrial Uses And Crude Fats And Oils)"
14 20032000 "Truffles, Prepared Or Preserved Otherwise Than By Vinegar Or Acetic Acid"
15 39219019 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Polyesters, Reinforced, Laminated, Supported Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials, Unworked Or Merely Surface-Worked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles (Excl. Of Cellular Plastic, Corrugated Sheet And