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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 25051000 "Silica Sands And Quartz Sands, Whether Or Not Coloured"
2 40170090 "Articles Of Hard Rubber, N.E.S."
3 722240 "Angles, Shapes And Sections Of Stainless Steel, N.E.S."
4 84179000 "Parts Of Industrial Or Laboratory Furnaces, Non-Electric, Incl. Incinerators, N.E.S."
5 84219900 "Parts Of Machinery And Apparatus For Filtering Or Purifying Liquids Or Gases, N.E.S."
6 84229090 "Parts Of Packing Or Wrapping Machinery And Of Other Machinery Of Heading 8422, N.E.S. (Excl. Parts Of Dish-Washing Machines)"
7 84239000 "Weighing Machine Weights Of All Kinds, Parts Of Weighing Machinery, N.E.S."
8 84798200 "Mixing, Kneading, Crushing, Grinding, Screening, Sifting, Homogenising, Emulsifying Or Stirring Machines, N.E.S. (Excl. Industrial Robots)"
9 847990 "Parts Of Machines And Mechanical Appliances, N.E.S."
10 84818063 "Gate Valves Of Steel For Pipes, Boiler Shells, Tanks, Vats Or The Like (Excl. Taps, Cocks And Valves For Sinks, Wash Basins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures And Central Heating Radiator Valves)"
11 85332900 Fixed Electrical Resistors For A Power Handling Capacity > 20 W (Excl. Heating Resistors)
12 85389091 "Electronic Assemblies For Electrical Apparatus For Switching Or Protecting Electrical Circuits, Or For Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits Of Heading 8535 Or 8536 And For Control Desks, Cabinets And Similar Combinations Of Apparatus Of Headin
13 85413000 "Thyristors, Diacs And Triacs (Excl. Photosensitive Semiconductor Devices)"
14 85459090 "Articles Of Graphite Or Other Carbon, For Electrical Purposes (Excl. Electrodes, Carbon Brushes And Heating Resistors)"
15 85462099 "Electrical Insulators Of Ceramics, With Metal Parts (Excl. Those For Overhead Power Transmission Or Traction Lines And Insulating Fittings)"