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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 25051000 "Silica Sands And Quartz Sands, Whether Or Not Coloured"
2 25051000 Arenas silíceas y arenas cuarzosas
3 25051000 Silica Sands And Quartz Sands
4 28112200 Dióxido de silicio
5 28492000 De silicio
6 32064970 Las demás
7 32071000 Pigmentos, opacificantes y colores preparados y preparaciones similares
8 32089091 "Paints And Varnishes, Incl. Enamels And Lacquers, Based On Synthetic Polymers, Dispersed Or Dissolved In A Non-Aqueous Medium (Excl. Those Based On Polyesters And Acrylic Or Vinyl Polymers)"
9 32089091 A base de polímeros sintéticos
10 32091000 "Paints And Varnishes, Incl. Enamels And Lacquers, Based On Acrylic Or Vinyl Polymers, Dispersed Or Dissolved In An Aqueous Medium"
11 32091000 A base de polímeros acrílicos o vinílicos
12 32091000 Based On Acrylic Or Vinyl Polymers
13 32141010 "Glaziers' Putty, Grafting Putty, Resin Cements, Caulking Compounds And Other Mastics"
14 32141010 Masilla, cementos de resina y demás mástiques
15 32149000 "Non-Refractory Surfacing Preparations For Facades, Inside Walls, Floors, Ceilings And The Like"
16 32149000 Los demás
17 32149000 Other
18 35069900 Los demás
19 38244000 "Prepared Additives For Cements, Mortars Or Concretes"
20 38249099 "Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, Incl. Those Consisting Of Mixtures Of Natural Products, N.E.S."
21 39073000 "Epoxide Resins, In Primary Forms"
22 39073000 Epoxide Resins
23 39073000 Resinas epoxi
24 39095010 Poliuretano obtenido de 2,2′-(terc-butilimino)dietanol y de 4,4′-metilendiciclohexildiisocianato, en forma de solución en N,N-dimetilacetamida, con un contenido de polímero superior o igual al 50 % en peso
25 39095090 Los demás
26 39219041 "High-Pressure Laminates Of Amino-Resins, With A Decorative Surface On One Or Both Sides But Otherwise Unworked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles"
27 39219041 A alta presión, con capa decorativa sobre una o las dos caras
28 392590 Other
29 39259080 Other
30 39263000 "Fittings For Furniture, Coachwork And The Like, Of Plastics (Excl. Building Components For Permanent Mounting On Parts Of Buildings)"
31 40021100 "Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (Sbr), Carboxylated Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (Xsbr),Latex"
32 40021100 "Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex Sbr, Carboxylated Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Latex Xsbr"
33 40021100 Látex
34 441231 "Other Plywood, Consisting Solely Of Sheets Of Wood (Other Than Bamboo), Each Ply Not Exceeding 6 Mm Thickness,With At Least One Outer Ply Of Tropical Wood Specified In Subheading Note 1 To This Chapter"
35 44123110 "Of Acajou D'Afrique, Dark Red Meranti, Light Red Meranti, Limba, Mahogany (Swietenia Spp.), Obeche, Okoume, Palissandre De Para, Palissandre De Rio, Palissandre De Rose, Sapelli, Sipo, Virola And White Lauan"
36 63031200 De fibras sintéticas
37 630399 Of Other Textile Materials
38 63039990 Las demás
39 63039990 Other
40 68061000 "Slag Wool, Rock Wool And Similar Mineral Wools, Incl. Intermixtures Thereof, In Bulk, Sheets Or Rolls"
41 68061000 "Slag-Wool, Rock-Wool And Similar Mineral Wools (Including Intermixtures Thereof), In Bulk, Sheets Or Rolls"
42 68061000 Lana de escoria, de roca y lanas minerales similares, incluso mezcladas entre sí, en masa, hojas o enrolladas
43 69071000 "Tiles, Cubes And Similar Articles, Whether Or Not Rectangular, The Largest Surface Area Of Which Is Capable Of Being Enclosed In A Square The Side Of Which Is Less Than 7 Cm"
44 69079020 De gres
45 690810 "Tiles, Cubes And Similar Articles, Whether Or Not Rectangular, The Largest Surface Area Of Which Is Capable Of Being Enclosed In A Square The Side Of Which Is Less Than 7 Cm"
46 69081090 Other
47 690890 Other
48 69089091 "Glazed Flags And Paving, Hearth Or Wall Tiles Of Stoneware With A Face Of > 90 Cm² (Excl. Split Tiles, Tiles Made Into Stands, Ornamental Articles And Tiles Specifically Manufactured For Stoves)"
49 69089091 "Other,Stoneware"
50 69089091 De gres
51 69101000 "Ceramic Sinks, Wash Basins, Wash Basin Pedestals, Baths, Bidets, Water Closet Pans, Flushing Cisterns, Urinals And Similar Sanitary Fixtures Of Porcelain Or China (Excl. Soap Dishes, Sponge Holders, Tooth-Brush Holders, Towel Hooks And Toilet Paper Holde
52 69101000 Of Porcelain Or China
53 721070 "Flat Products Of Iron Or Non-Alloy Steel, Of A Width Of >= 600 Mm, Hot-Rolled Or Cold-Rolled Cold-Reduced, Painted, Varnished Or Coated With Plastics"
54 721070 "Painted, Varnished Or Coated With Plastics"
55 72107010 "Tinplate, Varnished, Products, Plated Or Coated With Chromium Oxides Or With Chromium And Chromium Oxides, Varnished"
56 72107010 Hojalata, barnizada, productos revestidos de óxidos de cromo o de cromo y óxidos de cromo, barnizados
57 730729 Other
58 73072980 Los demás
59 73072990 "Tube Or Pipe Fittings Of Stainless Steel (Excl. Cast Products, Threaded Products Or Products For Butt Welding Or Welding, And Flanges)"
60 73072990 Los demás
61 73072990 Other
62 73083000 Puertas y ventanas y sus marcos, contramarcos y umbrales
63 730890 Other
64 73089051 "Los Demas, Unica O Principalmente De Chapa, Solely Or Principally Of Sheet,Panels Comprising Two Walls Of Profiled (Ribbed) Sheet With An Insulating Core"
65 73089051 Paneles múltiples constituidos por dos paramentos de chapa con nervaduras y un alma aislante
66 73181210 Wood Screws Of Stainless Steel (Excl. Coach Screws)
67 73241000 Fregaderos (piletas de lavar) y lavabos, de acero inoxidable
68 732490 "Sanitary Ware, Incl. Parts Thereof (Excl. Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers Of Heading 7310, Small Wall Cabinets For Medical Supplies Or Toiletries And Other Furniture Of Chapter 94, And Fittings, Complete Sinks And Wash Basins, Of Stainless Steel, Comp
69 74182000 "Sanitary Ware And Parts Thereof, Of Copper (Excl. Cooking And Heating Appliances Of Heading 7417, And Fittings)"
70 74182000 Artículos de higiene o tocador, y sus partes
71 74182000 Sanitary Ware And Parts Thereof
72 76042100 "Hollow Profiles Of Aluminium Alloys, N.E.S."
73 830140 Other Locks
74 83014011 "Cylinder Locks Of A Kind Used For Doors Of Buildings, Of Base Metal"
75 83014011 "Locks Of A Kind Used For Doors Of Buildings,Cylinder"
76 83014019 "Locks Of A Kind Used For Doors Of Buildings, Of Base Metal (Excl. Cylinder Locks And Padlocks)"
77 83014090 "Locks Of Base Metal (Excl. Padlocks And Locks Of A Kind Used For Motor Vehicles, Furniture Or Doors Of Buildings)"
78 83014090 Las demás cerraduras, cerrojos
79 83014090 Other Locks
80 83016000 Partes
81 83016000 Parts
82 83017000 Llaves presentadas aisladamente
83 83024100 Base Metal Mountings And Fittings Suitable For Buildings (Excl. Locks With Keys And Hinges)
84 83024110 Para puertas
85 84814090 Las demás
86 84818011 "Mixing Valves For Sinks, Wash Basins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures"
87 853690 Other Apparatus
88 85369010 "Connections And Contact Elements, For Wire And Cables, For A Voltage Of <= 1.000 V (Excl. Plugs, Sockets And Prefabricated Elements)"
89 85369010 Connections And Contact Elements For Wire And Cables
90 85445190 "Electric Conductors, For A Voltage > 80 V But <= 1.000 V, Insulated, Fitted With Connectors, N.E.S. (Other Than Of A Kind Used For Telecommunications)"
91 903210 Thermostats
92 940320 "Metal Furniture (Excl. For Offices, Seats And Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture)"
93 940320 Other Metal Furniture
94 94032080 Los demás
95 94032080 Other
96 940360 Other Wooden Furniture
97 94036090 Other Wooden Furniture
98 94051098 Los demás
99 940599 "Parts Of Lamps And Lighting Fittings, Illuminated Signs And Name-Plates And The Like, N.E.S."