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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 252020 Plasters
2 25202090 "Plasters Consisting Of Calcined Gypsum Or Calcium Sulphate, Whether Or Not Coloured, With Or Without Small Quantities Of Accelerators Or Retarders (Excl. Building)"
3 25202090 Other
4 300190 Other
5 30019010 "Substances Of Human Origin Prepared For Therapeutic Or Prophylactic Uses, N.E.S."
6 30019020 Of Human Origin
7 33049900 "Beauty Or Make-Up Preparations And Preparations For The Care Of The Skin (Other Than Medicaments), Incl. Sunscreen Or Sun Tan Preparations (Excl. Medicaments, Lip And Eye Make-Up Preparations, Manicure Or Pedicure Preparations And Make-Up Or Skin Care Po
8 33049900 Other
9 39209990 Los demás
10 49019900 "Printed Books, Brochures And Similar Printed Matter (Excl. Those In Single Sheets, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Periodicals And Publications Which Are Essentially Devoted To Advertising)"
11 491110 "Trade Advertising Material, Commercial Catalogues And The Like"
12 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
13 49111090 Other
14 49111090 Trade Advertising Material And The Like (Other Than Commercial Catalogues)
15 491191 "Pictures, Prints And Photographs, N.E.S."
16 49119900 Other
17 62121090 "Brassieres Of All Types Of Textile Materials, Whether Or Not Elasticated, Incl. Knitted Or Crocheted (Excl. In A Set Made Up For Retail-Sale Containing A Brassière And A Brief)"
18 62122000 "Girdles And Panty-Girdles Of All Types Of Textile Materials, Whether Or Not Elasticated, Incl. Knitted Or Crocheted (Excl. Belts And Corselets Made Entirely Of Rubber)"
19 82041200 "Hand-Operated Spanners And Wrenches, Incl. Torque Meter Wrenches, Of Base Metal, Adjustable (Excl. Tap Wrenches)"
20 83100000 "Sign-Plates, Name-Plates, Address-Plates And Similar Plates, Numbers, Letters And Other Symbols, Of Base Metal, Incl. Traffic Signs (Excl. Those Of Heading 9405, Type And The Like, And Signal Boards, Signal Discs And Signal Arms For Traffic Of Heading 86
21 842119 "Centrifuges, Incl. Centrifugal Dryers (Excl. Isotope Separators, Cream Separators And Clothes Dryers)"
22 84211920 Centrifugadoras del tipo de las utilizadas en los laboratorios
23 847110 Analogue Or Hybrid Automatic Data Processing Machines
24 847149 "Data-Processing Machines, Automatic, Digital, Presented In The Form Of Systems Comprising At Least A Central Processing Unit, One Input Unit And One Output Unit (Excl. Portable Weighing <= 10 Kg And Excl. Peripheral Units)"
25 84715000 "Processing Units Other Than Those Of Subheading 8471 41 Or 8471 49, Whether Or Not Containing In The Same Housing One Or Two Of The Following Types Of Unit: Storage Units, Input Units, Output Units"
26 84719000 "Magnetic Or Optical Readers, Machines For Transcribing Data Onto Data Media In Coded Form And Machines For Processing Such Data, N.E.S."
27 852340 Optical Media
28 85234045 "Other,For Reproducing Representations Of Instructions, Data, Sound, And Image Recorded In A Machine-Readable Binary Form, And Capable Of Being Manipulated Or Providing Interactivity To A User, By Means Of An Automatic Data-Processing Machine"
29 85361010 "Fuses For A Current <= 10 A, For A Voltage <= 1.000 V"
30 85361090 "Fuses For A Current > 63 A, For A Voltage <= 1.000 V"
31 901730 "Micrometers, Callipers And Gauges"
32 90173010 Micrometers And Callipers
33 901831 "Syringes, Needles, Catheters, Cannulae And The Like,Syringes, With Or Without Needles"
34 90183190 "Syringes, With Or Without Needles, Used In Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Sciences (Excl. Of Plastic)"
35 90183190 Other
36 90183900 "Needles, Catheters, Cannulae And The Like, Used In Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Sciences (Excl. Syringes, Tubular Metal Needles And Needles For Sutures)"
37 90183900 Los demás
38 90183900 Other
39 901890 Other Instruments And Appliances
40 90189084 Los demás
41 90189085 "Instruments And Appliances Used In Medical, Surgical Or Veterinary Sciences, N.E.S."
42 90189085 Other
43 902110 Orthopaedic Or Fracture Appliances
44 90211090 Artículos y aparatos para fracturas
45 90211090 Splints And Other Fracture Appliances
46 90212900 Dental Fittings (Excl. Artificial Teeth)
47 90212900 Los demás
48 90212900 Other
49 902139 Other
50 90213990 "Artificial Parts Of The Body (Excl. Artificial Teeth And Dental Fittings, Artificial Joints And Ocular Protheses)"
51 90213990 Los demás
52 90213990 Other
53 902190 Other
54 90219090 "Articles And Appliances, Which Are Worn Or Carried, Or Implanted In The Body, To Compensate For A Defect Or Disability (Excl. Artificial Parts Of The Body, Hearing Aids, Incl. Parts And Accessories, And Complete Pacemakers For Stimulating Heart Muscles)"
55 90219090 Los demás
56 90219090 Other
57 90230080 "Instruments, Apparatus And Models Designed For Demonstrational Purposes, E.G. In Education Or Exhibitions, Unsuitable For Other Uses (Excl. Ground Flying Trainers Of Heading 8805, Collectors' Pieces Of Heading 9705, Antiques Of An Age > 100 Years Of Head
58 90230080 Los demás
59 903300 "Parts And Accessories (Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In This Chapter) For Machines, Appliances, Instruments Or Apparatus Of Chapter 90"
60 90330000 "Parts And Accessories For Machines, Appliances, Instruments Or Other Apparatus In Chapter 90, Specified Neither In This Chapter Nor Elsewhere"
61 96039099 "Mops And Leather Dusters, Prepared Knots And Tufts For Broom Or Brush Making, Squeegees Of Rubber Or Similar Flexible Materials, Brooms And Brushes, N.E.S."
62 960810 Ballpoint Pens
63 96081099 "Ball-Point Pens (Excl. With Replaceable Refill, And With Liquid Ink)"
64 96081099 "Other,Other"