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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 2202901001 Waters, Including Mineral And Aerated Waters, Containing Added Sugar Or Other Sweetening Or Flavor-Aromatic Substances, And Other Soft Drinks, Except For Fruit Or Vegetable Juices Referred To Item 2009: Other: Not Containing Products Referred To Items 040
2 2203000100 Malt Beer: In Vessels Of Capacity Of 10 L Or Less: In Bottles
3 2203000900 Malt Beer: In Vessels Of Capacity Of 10 L Or Less: Other
4 3924100000 Plastic Dinning Crockery, Cooking Crockery, Other Houshold And Sanitary Or Toilet Plastic Articles: Dinning And Cooking Crockery
5 4823908520 Other: -- Other: --- Paper, Paperboard Webs Of Cellulose Fibers,
6 4911109000 Other Printed Matter, Including Printed Pictures And Photographs: Trade Advertising Material, Commercial Catalogues And The Like: Other
7 6105100000 Men'S Or Boys' Shirts, Knitted Or Crocheted: From Cotton Yarn
8 6109100000 T-Shirts, Singlets And Other Vests, Knitted Or Crocheted: From Cotton Yarn
9 7013379100 Glassware Of A Kind Used For Table, Kitchen, Toilet, Office, Indoor Decoration Or Similar Purposes (Other Than That Of Heading 7010 Or 7018):  -----Carved Or Otherwise Decorated
10 9608101000 Ball Point Pens, Felt- Tipped And Other Porous-Tipped Pens And Markers, Fountain Pens, Stylograph Pens And Other Pens, Duplicating Stylos, Propelling Or Sliding Pencils, Penholders, Pencil-Holders And Similar Holders, Parts (Including Caps And Clips) Of T