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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 10051015 Simple Hybrid Maize Seed
2 10070010 "Hybrid Grain Sorghum, For Sowing"
3 12060010 Sunflower Seeds For Sowing
4 12072010 Cotton Seeds For Sowing
5 12079920 "Oil Seeds And Oleaginous Fruits, For Sowing (Excl. Edible Nuts, Olives, Soya Beans, Groundnuts, Copra, Linseed, Rape Or Colza Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Palm Nuts And Kernels, Cotton Seeds, Castoroil Seeds, Sesamum Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Safflower Seeds And
6 12092100 Alfalfa Seed For Sowing
7 12092280 Clover Trifolium Spp. Seed For Sowing (Excl. Red Clover [Trifolium Pratense L.])
8 12092311 Meadow Fescue Seed For Sowing
9 12092510 "Italian Ryegrass, Incl. Westerwolds Lolium Multiflorum L., Seed For Sowing"
10 12092590 "Perennial Rye Grass Lolium Perenne L., Seed For Sowing"
11 12092910 "Vetch Seed, Seeds Of The Genus Poa Palustris L. And Poa Trivialis L., Seeds Of Cocksfoot Grass Dactylis Glomerata L., And Seeds Of Bent Grass Agrostis, For Sowing"
12 12092980 "Seeds Of Forage Plants, For Sowing (Excl. Cereals And Fodder Beet Seed Beta Vulgaris Var. Alba, Sugar Beet Seed, Lucerne Seed, Clover Trifolium Spp. Seed, Fesque Seed, Kentucky Blue Grass Poa Pratensis L. Seed, Rye Grass Lolium Multiflorum Lam., Lolium P
13 12099999 "Seeds, Fruit And Spores, For Sowing (Excl. Leguminous Vegetables And Sweetcorn, Coffee, Tea, Mate And Spices, Cereals, Oil Seeds And Oleaginous Fruits, Beets, Forage Plants, Vegetable Seeds, Forest-Tree Seeds And Seeds Of Plants Cultivated Mainly For Flo
14 12149010 "Swedes, Mangolds, Fodder Roots"
15 39232990 "Sacks And Bags, Incl. Cones, Of Plastics (Excl. Those Of Polyvinyl Chloride And Polymers Of Ethylene)"