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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 32071000 "Prepared Pigments, Prepared Opacifiers, Prepared Colours And Similar Preparations Of A Kind Used In The Ceramic, Enamelling Or Glass Industry"
2 39021000 "Polypropylene, In Primary Forms"
3 39031900 "Polystyrene, In Primary Forms (Excl. Expansible)"
4 39039090 "Polymers Of Styrene, In Primary Forms (Excl. Polystyrene, Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymers San, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Abs, Copolymer Solely Of Styrene With Allyl Alcohol, Of An Acetyl Value Of >= 175 And Brominated Polystyrene, Containing By We
5 39202021 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Non-Cellular Polymers Of Propylene, Not Reinforced, Laminated, Supported Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials, Not Further Worked Or Only Surface-Worked And Not Cut To Shapes Other Than Rectangular Incl. Squ
6 39211100 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Cellular Polymers Of Styrene, Unworked Or Merely Surface-Worked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles (Excl. Self-Adhesive Products, Floor, Wall And Ceiling Coverings Of Heading 3918)"
7 39241000 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Plastics"
8 39249090 "Household Articles And Toilet Articles, Of Plastics Other Than Regenerated Cellulose (Excl. Tableware, Kitchenware, Baths, Shower-Baths, Wash-Basins, Bidets, Lavatory Pans, Seats And Covers, Flushing Cisterns And Similar Sanitary Ware)"
9 392690 "Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Heading 3901 To 3914, N.E.S"
10 48191000 "Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard"
11 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
12 73151190 Roller Chain Of Iron Or Steel (Excl. Roller Chain Of A Kind Used For Cycles And Motor-Cycles)
13 84779010 "Parts Of Machinery For Working Rubber Or Plastics Or For The Manufacture Of Products From These Materials Of Subheading 8477.10.90 To 8477.80.99, N.E.S., Of Cast Iron Or Cast Steel (Excl. Parts Of Encapsulation Forming Equipment For Assembly Of Semicondu
14 84807900 Moulds For Rubber Or Plastics (Other Than Injection Or Compression Types)
15 848340 "Gears And Gearing For Machinery (Excl. Toothed Wheels, Chain Sprockets And Other Transmission Elements Presented Separately), Ball Or Roller Screws, Gear Boxes And Other Speed Changers, Incl. Torque Converters"