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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 39209990 Los demás
2 42033000 Cintos, cinturones y bandoleras
3 440320 "Other, Coniferous"
4 44032011 "Sawlogs Of Spruce Of The Kind Picea Abies Karst. Or Silver Fir Abies Alba Mill., Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood, Or Roughly Squared"
5 44032011 "Spruce Of The Species 'Picea Abies Karst.' Or Silver Fir (Abies Alba Mill.),Sawlogs"
6 44041000 "Hoopwood, Split Poles, Piles, Pickets And Stakes Of Wood, Pointed But Not Sawn Lengthwise, Wooden Sticks, Roughly Trimmed But Not Turned, Bent Or Otherwise Worked, Suitable For The Manufacture Of Walking-Sticks, Umbrellas, Tool Handles Or The Like, Chipw
7 44041000 Coniferous
8 440710 Coniferous
9 44071091 "Other,Spruce Of The Species 'Picea Abies Karst.' Or Silver Fir (Abies Alba Mill.)"
10 44071091 "Spruce Picea Abies Karst. Or Silver Fir Abies Alba Mill., Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Of A Thickness Of > 6 Mm (Excl. Planed, Sanded Or End-Jointed, Boards For The Manufacture Of Pencils, Wood With A Length Of <= 125 Mm And A Thickness
11 44071091 De picea de la especie Picea abies Karst. o de abeto pectinato (abeto plateado, abeto blanco) (Abies alba Mill.)
12 44071098 "Coniferous Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Of A Thickness Of > 6 Mm (Excl. Planed Or Sanded, And Spruce Picea Abies Karst., Silver Fir Abies Alba Mill. And Pine Pinus Sylvestris L.)"
13 44071098 "Other,Other"
14 44071098 Las demás
15 44092091 "Blocks, Strips And Friezes For Parquet Flooring, Not Assembled, Continuously Shaped Tongued, Grooved, Rebated, Chamfered, V-Jointed, Beaded, Moulded, Rounded Or The Like Along Any Of Its Edges, Ends Or Faces, Whether Or Not Planed, Sanded Or End-Jointed,
16 440929 Other
17 44092991 "Other,Blocks, Strips And Friezes For Parquet Or Wood Block Flooring, Not Assembled"
18 44103100 "Particle Board And Similar Board, Of Wood, Whether Or Not Agglomerated With Resins Or Other Organic Binding Substances, Unworked Or Not Further Worked Than Sanded (Excl. Oriented Strand Board And Waferboard, Fibreboard And Hollow-Core Composite Panels)"
19 441112 "Medium Density Fibreboard (Mdf),Of A Thickness Not Exceeding 5 Mm"
20 44111210 Not Mechanically Worked Or Surface Covered
21 44121900 "Plywood Consisting Solely Of Sheets Of Wood <= 6 Mm Thick (Excl. Plywood Of Subheading Nos 4412.13 And 4412.14, Sheets Of Compressed Wood, Hollow-Core Composite Panels, Inlaid Wood And Sheets Identifiable As Furniture Components)"
22 441231 "Other Plywood, Consisting Solely Of Sheets Of Wood (Other Than Bamboo), Each Ply Not Exceeding 6 Mm Thickness,With At Least One Outer Ply Of Tropical Wood Specified In Subheading Note 1 To This Chapter"
23 44123190 Other
24 44185000 "Shingles And Shakes, Of Wood"
25 44185000 Shingles And Shakes
26 441890 Other
27 44189010 "Builders' Joinery And Carpentry, Of Glue-Laminated Timber (Excl. Windows And Frenchwindows And Their Frames, Doors And Their Frames And Thresholds, Wooden Shuttering For Concrete Constructional Work, Shingles, Shakes And Prefabricated Buildings)"
28 44189010 De madera en láminas
29 44189010 Glue-Laminated Timber
30 44189080 Los demás
31 442190 Other
32 44219098 Other
33 52030000 Algodón cardado o peinado
34 55131120 De anchura inferior o igual a 165 cm
35 56021090 Impregnados, recubiertos, revestidos o estratificados
36 72107010 Hojalata, barnizada, productos revestidos de óxidos de cromo o de cromo y óxidos de cromo, barnizados
37 73160000 Anclas, rezones y sus partes, de fundición, hierro o acero
38 73181210 De acero inoxidable
39 73181290 Los demás
40 732599 Other
41 732619 Other
42 73269093 Estampadas