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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 47071000 "Recovered Waste And Scrap Paper Or Paperboard Of Unbleached Kraft Paper, Corrugated Paper Or Corrugated Paperboard"
2 47071000 Papel o cartón Kraft crudo o de papel o cartón corrugado
3 47071000 Unbleached Kraft Paper Or Paperboard Or Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard
4 47072000 Los demás papeles o cartones obtenidos principalmente a partir de pasta química blanqueada sin colorear en la masa
5 470730 "Paper Or Paperboard Made Mainly Of Mechanical Pulp (For Example, Newspapers, Journals And Similar Printed Matter)"
6 47073090 "Waste And Scrap Of Paper Or Paperboard Made Mainly Of Mechanical Pulp (Excl. Old And Unsold Newspapers And Magazines, Telephone Directories, Brochures And Printed Advertising Material)"
7 47073090 Los demás
8 47073090 Other
9 47079010 Sin clasificar
10 47079090 "Sorted, Recovered Waste And Scrap Paper Or Paperboard (Excl. Waste And Scrap Of Unbleached Kraft Paper Or Kraft Paperboard, Or Of Corrugated Paper Or Corrugated Paperboard, That Of Paper Or Paperboard Made Mainly Of Bleached Chemical Pulp Not Colured In
11 480258 Weighing More Than 150 G/M2
12 48025810 In Rolls
13 48041115 De peso superior o igual a 150 g/m² pero inferior a 175 g/m²
14 481014 In Sheets With One Side Not Exceeding 435 Mm And The Other Side Not Exceeding 297 Mm In The Unfolded State
15 48101420 "Paper And Paperboard Of A Kind Used As A Base For Photosensitive, Heat-Sensitive Or Electrosensitive Paper Or Paperboard, Weighing Not More Than 150 G/M2"
16 681011 "Tiles, Flagstones, Bricks And Similar Articles,Building Blocks And Bricks"
17 68101110 "Of Light Concrete (With A Basis Of Crushed Pumice, Granulated Slag, Etc"
18 721790 "Wire Of Iron Or Non-Alloy Steel, In Coils, Plated Or Coated (Excl. Plated Or Coated With Base Metals, And Bars And Rods)"
19 84418000 "Machinery For Making Up Paper Pulp, Paper Or Paperboard, N.E.S."
20 84418000 Las demás máquinas y aparatos