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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 28092000 "Phosphoric Acid, Polyphosphoric Acids, Whether Or Not Chemically Defined"
2 29032900 "Unsaturated Chlorinated Derivatives Of Acyclic Hydrocarbons (Excl. Vinyl Chloride Chloroethylene, Trichloroethylene And Tetrachloroethylene Perchloroethylene)"
3 29051700 "Dodecan-1-Ol Lauryl Alcohol, Hexadecan-1-Ol Cetyl Alcohol And Octadecan-1-Ol Stearyl Alcohol"
4 290539 "Diols (Excl. Ethylene Glycol Ethanediol And Propylene Glycol Propane-1,2-Diol)"
5 29121900 "Acyclic Aldehydes, Without Other Oxygen Function (Excl. Methanal Formaldehyde, Ethanal Acetaldehyde And Butanal Butyraldehyde, Normal Isomer)"
6 29171400 Maleic Anhydride
7 29232000 "Lecithins And Other Phosphoaminolipids, Whether Or Not Chemically Defined"
8 29239000 Quaternary Ammonium Salts And Hydroxides (Excl. Choline And Its Salts)
9 29242190 "Ureines And Their Derivatives, Salts Thereof (Excl. Isoproturon Iso)"
10 29270000 "Diazo-, Azo- Or Azoxy-Compounds"
11 29310095 "Separate Chemically Defined Organo-Inorganic Compounds, N.E.S."
12 29332990 "Heterocyclic Compounds With Nitrogen Hetero-Atom[S] Only, Containing An Unfused Imidazole Ring, Whether Or Not Hydrogenated, In The Structure (Excl. Hydantoin And Its Derivatives, Naphazoline Hydrochloride Innm, Naphazoline Nitrate Innm, Phentolamine Inn
13 29336100 Melamine
14 32021000 Synthetic Organic Tanning Substances
15 32029000 "Inorganic Tanning Substances, Tanning Preparations, Whether Or Not Containing Natural Tanning Substances, Enzymatic Preparations For Pre-Tanning"
16 32041200 "Synthetic Organic Acid Dyes, Whether Or Not Metallised, And Synthetic Organic Mordant Dyes, Preparations Based On Synthetic Organic Acid Or Mordant Dyes Of A Kind Used To Dye Fabrics Or Produce Colorant Preparations (Excl. Preparations Of Heading 3207, 3
17 34021200 "Cationic Organic Surface-Active Agents, Whether Or Not Put Up For Retail Sale (Excl. Soap)"
18 34021300 "Non-Ionic Organic Surface-Active Agents, Whether Or Not Put Up For Retail Sale (Excl. Soap)"
19 34021900 "Organic Surface-Active Agents, Whether Or Not Put Up For Retail Sale (Excl. Anionic, Cationic Or Non-Ionic Agents And Soap)"
20 34029010 "Surface-Active Preparations (Excl. Those Put Up For Retail Sale, Organic Surface-Active Preparations In The Form Of Bars, Cakes, Moulded Pieces Or Shapes, And Products And Preparations For Washing The Skin In The Form Of Liquid Or Cream)"
21 34031100 "Textile Lubricant Preparations And Preparations Of A Kind Used For The Oil Or Grease Treatment Of Leather, Furskins Or Other Material Containing Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil (Excl. Preparations Containing, As Basic Constituents, >= 70% Petrole
22 34039100 "Textile Lubricant Preparations And Preparations Of A Kind Used For The Oil Or Grease Treatment Of Leather, Furskins Or Other Material Not Containing Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil"
23 35051050 "Starches, Etherified Or Esterified (Excl. Dextrins)"
24 38099100 "Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers To Accelerate The Dyeing Or Fixing Of Dyestuffs, And Other Products And Preparations, E.G. Dressings And Mordants Of A Kind Used In The Textile Or Similar Industries, N.E.S. (Excl. Those With A Basis Of Amylaceous Substance
25 38159090 "Reaction Initiators, Reaction Accelerators And Catalytic Preparations, N.E.S. (Excl. Rubber Accelerators, Supported Catalysts And Catalysts Consisting Of Ethyltriphenylphosphonium Acetate In The Form Of A Solution In Methanol)"
26 38237000 "Fatty Alcohols, Industrial"
27 38249099 "Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries, Incl. Those Consisting Of Mixtures Of Natural Products, N.E.S."
28 39039090 "Polymers Of Styrene, In Primary Forms (Excl. Polystyrene, Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymers San, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Abs, Copolymer Solely Of Styrene With Allyl Alcohol, Of An Acetyl Value Of >= 175 And Brominated Polystyrene, Containing By We
29 39052100 "Vinyl Acetate Copolymers, In Aqueous Dispersion"
30 39059100 "Copolymers Of Vinyl, In Primary Forms (Excl. Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate Copolymers And Other Vinyl Chloride Copolymers, And Vinyl Acetate Copolymers)"
31 39069090 "Acrylic Polymers In Primary Forms (Excl. Polymethyl Methacrylate, Poly[N-3-Hydroxyimino-1,1-Dimethylbutylacrylamide], Copolymer Of 2-Diisopropylaminoethyl Methacrylate With Decyl Methacrylate In The Form Of A Solution In N,N-Dimethylacetamide, Containing
32 39072099 "Polyethers In Primary Forms (Excl. Polyether Alcohols, Polyacetals And Copolymer Of 1-Chloro-2,3-Epoxypropane With Ethylene Oxide)"
33 39095090 "Polyurethanes In Primary Forms (Excl. Polyurethane Of 2,2'-Tert-Butyliminodiethanol And 4,4'-Methylenedicyclohexyl Diisocyanate, In The Form Of A Solution In N,N-Dimethylacetamide)"
34 39100000 Silicones In Primary Forms
35 39233090 "Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics, With A Capacity Of > 2 L"
36 41120000 "Leather Further Prepared After Tanning Or Crusting Incl. Parchment-Dressed Leather, Of Sheep Or Lambs, Without Wool On, Whether Or Not Split (Excl. Chamois Leather, Patent Leather And Patent Laminated Leather, And Metallised Leather)"
37 48211090 "Paper Or Paperboard Labels Of All Kinds, Printed (Excl. Self-Adhesive)"
38 83040000 "Filing Cabinets, Card-Index Cabinets, Paper Trays, Paper Rests, Pen Trays, Office-Stamp Stands And Similar Office Or Desk Equipment, Of Base Metal (Excl. Office Furniture Of Heading 9403 And Waste Paper Bins)"