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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 30065000 Botiquines equipados para primeros auxilios
2 38089990 Los demás
3 391731 "Flexible Tubes, Pipes And Hoses, And Fittings Therefor, Of Plastics, Burst Pressure >= 27,6 Mpa"
4 39173100 "Other Tubes, Pipes And Hoses,Flexible Tubes, Pipes And Hoses, Having A Minimum Burst Pressure Of 27,6 Mpa"
5 39173100 Tubos flexibles para una presión superior o igual a 27,6 MPa
6 391739 "Flexible Tubes, Pipes And Hoses, And Fittings Therefor, Of Plastics, Reinforced Or Otherwise Combined With Other Materials (Excl. Those With A Burst Pressure Of >= 27,6 Mpa)"
7 391739 Other
8 39173990 Other
9 39201028 Superior o igual a 0,94
10 39232990 Los demás
11 39233090 Con una capacidad superior a 2 l
12 39239090 "Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics (Excl. Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles, Sacks And Bags, Incl. Cones, Carboys, Bottles, Flasks And Similar Articles, Spools, Spindles, Bobbins And Similar Supports, Stoppers, Lids, C
13 39241000 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Plastics"
14 39241000 Tableware And Kitchenware
15 39241000 Vajilla y demás artículos para el servicio de mesa o de cocina
16 39249000 Los demás
17 39262000 Prendas y complementos (accesorios), de vestir, incluidos los guantes, mitones y manoplas
18 39263000 Guarniciones para muebles, carrocerías o similares
19 39264000 Estatuillas y demás artículos de adorno
20 392690 Other
21 39269097 "Other,Other"
22 39269097 Las demás
23 40159000 "Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories, For All Purposes, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber And Footwear And Headgear And Parts Thereof, And Gloves, Mittens And Mitts)"
24 420212 With Outer Surface Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
25 42021219 "In The Form Of Plastic Sheeting,Other"
26 42021219 Los demás
27 42021299 Los demás
28 42022210 De hojas de plástico
29 42022290 De materia textil
30 42023900 Los demás
31 420292 With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting Or Of Textile Materials
32 42029219 "Insulated Food Or Beverage Bags, Shopping Bags, Map-Cases, Tool Bags, Jewellery Boxes, Cutlery Cases, Binocular Cases, Camera Cases, Gun Cases, Holsters And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting (Excl. Travelling-Cases, Brief-Cases,
33 42029219 "Of Plastic Sheeting,Other"
34 42029219 Los demás
35 42029291 Sacos de viaje, bolsas de aseo, mochilas y bolsas para artículos de deporte
36 42029298 "Of Textile Materials,Other"
37 42029298 Los demás
38 42029900 "Travelling-Bags, Shopping Or Tool Bags, Jewellery Boxes, Cutlery Cases And Similar, With Outer Surface Of Vulcanised Fibre Or Paperboard, Cases For Binoculars, Cameras, Musical Instruments, Guns, Holsters And Similar Containers With Outer Surface Of Mate
39 441700 "Tools, Tool Bodies, Tool Handles, Broom Or Brush Bodies And Handles, Of Wood, Boot Or Shoe Lasts And Trees, Of Wood"
40 44190090 De las demás maderas
41 44209010 "Wood Marquetry And Inlaid Wood (Excl. Statuettes And Other Ornaments, Articles Of Furniture, Lamps And Lighting Fittings And Parts Thereof)"
42 44211000 Perchas para prendas de vestir
43 46021990 Los demás
44 48191000 "Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard"
45 48191000 Cajas de papel o cartón corrugado
46 481920 "Folding Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Non-Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard"
47 48192000 "Folding Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Non-Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard"
48 48192000 Cajas y cartonajes, plegables, de papel o cartón, sin corrugar
49 48194000 "Other Sacks And Bags, Including Cones"
50 48196000 "Box Files, Letter Trays, Storage Boxes And Similar Articles, Of A Kind Used In Offices, Shops Or The Like"
51 48196000 "Box Files, Letter Trays, Storage Boxes And Similar Articles, Of Paperboard, Of A Kind Used In Offices, Shops Or The Like (Excl. Packing Containers)"
52 48196000 Cartonajes de oficina, tienda o similares
53 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
54 49111090 Trade Advertising Material And The Like (Other Than Commercial Catalogues)
55 56081919 Las demás
56 61178010 De punto, elásticos o cauchutados
57 62034235 Los demás
58 62121090 Los demás
59 63011000 Electric Blankets
60 63011000 Electric Blankets Of All Types Of Textile Materials
61 63011000 Mantas eléctricas
62 63012010 De punto
63 63049300 De fibras sintéticas (excepto de punto)
64 63062200 De fibras sintéticas
65 630790 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, N.E.S."
66 630790 Other
67 63079098 Los demás
68 63079099 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Felt, And Knitted Or Crocheted)"
69 63079099 "Other,Other"
70 63079099 Los demás
71 69111000 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China (Excl. Ornamental Articles, Pots, Jars, Carboys And Similar Receptacles For The Conveyance Or Packing Of Goods, And Coffee Grinders And Spice Mills With Receptacles Made Of Ceramics And Working Parts Of Me
72 69120090 "Ceramic Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household Articles And Toilet Articles (Excl. Sinks, Baths, Bidets And Similar Sanitary Fixtures, Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Pots, Jars, Etc. For The Conveyance Or Packing Of Goods, Household Mills Wit
73 69120090 Other
74 701349 Other
75 70134999 "Other,Gathered Mechanically"
76 70134999 Fabricados mecánicamente
77 70139900 Los demás
78 732181 "Other Appliances,For Gas Fuel Or For Both Gas And Other Fuels"
79 73218190 "Stoves, Heaters, Grates, Fires, Wash Boilers, Braziers And Similar Appliances, Of Iron Or Steel, For Gas Fuel Or For Both Gas And Other Fuels, Without Exhaust Outlet (Excl. Cooking Appliances, Plate Warmers And Large Cooking Appliances)"
80 73218190 Los demás
81 73218200 De combustibles líquidos
82 73239200 "Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles, And Parts Thereof, Of Cast Iron, Enamelled (Excl. Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers Of Heading 7310, Waste Baskets, Shovels, Corkscrews And Other Articles Of The Nature Of A Work Implement, Articles Of Cutlery
83 732393 Of Stainless Steel
84 73239300 De acero inoxidable
85 73239390 "Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles, And Parts Thereof, Of Stainless Steel (Excl. Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers Of Heading 7310, Waste Baskets, Shovels, Corkscrews And Other Articles Of The Nature Of A Work Implement, Articles Of Cutlery, Spo
86 732394 "Of Iron (Other Than Cast Iron) Or Steel, Enamelled"
87 73239490 "Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles, And Parts Thereof, Of Iron Other Than Cast Iron Or Steel Other Than Stainless, Enamelled (Excl. Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers Of Heading 7310, Waste Baskets, Shovels And Other Articles Of The Nature Of A W
88 73249000 Los demás, incluidas las partes
89 73259990 "Articles Of Iron Or Steel, Cast, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Malleable Or Non-Malleable Cast Iron, Grinding Balls And Similar Articles For Mills)"
90 73262000 Manufacturas de alambre de hierro o acero
91 73262080 Las demás
92 73269030 Escaleras y escabeles
93 73269098 Las demás
94 76151990 Los demás
95 76169990 Las demás
96 79070000 Las demás manufacturas de cinc
97 82019000 Las demás herramientas de mano, agrícolas, hortícolas o forestales
98 82055100 "Other Hand Tools (Including Glaziers' Diamonds),Household Tools"
99 82055100 De uso doméstico
100 821000 "Hand-Operated Mechanical Appliances, Weighing 10 Kg Or Less, Used In The Preparation, Conditioning Or Serving Of Food Or Drink"
101 82100000 "Hand-Operated Mechanical Devices, Of Base Metal, Weighing <= 10 Kg, Used In The Preparation, Conditioning Or Serving Of Food Or Drink"
102 82100000 Aparatos mecánicos accionados a mano, de peso inferior o igual a 10 kg, utilizados para preparar, acondicionar o servir alimentos o bebidas
103 82119130 Table Knives With Handle And Fixed Blade Of Stainless Steel
104 82142000 Herramientas y juegos de herramientas de manicura o pedicura, incluidas las limas para uñas
105 82142000 Manicure Or Pedicure Sets And Instruments (Including Nail Files)
106 821599 Other
107 82159910 Of Stainless Steel
108 82159990 "Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Skimmers, Cake-Servers, Fish-Knives, Butter-Knives, Sugar Tongs And Similar Kitchen Or Tableware Of Base Metals Other Than Stainless Steel, Not Plated With Precious Metal (Excl. Sets Of Articles Such As Lobster Cutters And Poultry
109 83025000 "Hat-Racks, Hat-Pegs, Brackets And Similar Fixtures"
110 83025000 Colgadores, perchas, soportes y artículos similares
111 830400 "Filing Cabinets, Card-Index Cabinets, Paper Trays, Paper Rests, Pen Trays, Office-Stamp Stands And Similar Office Or Desk Equipment, Of Base Metal, Other Than Office Furniture Of Heading 9403"
112 83099090 "Stoppers, Caps And Lids, Incl. Screw Caps And Pouring Stoppers, Capsules For Bottles, Threaded Bungs, Bung Covers, Seals And Other Packing Accessories, Of Base Metal (Excl. Crown Corks, Capsules Of Lead And Capsules Of Aluminium Of A Diameter > 21 Mm)"
113 84132000 Bombas manuales (excepto las de las subpartidas 841311 u 841319)
114 84138100 "Other Pumps, Liquid Elevators,Pumps"
115 84139200 Of Liquid Elevators
116 84145100 Ventiladores de mesa, pie, pared, cielo raso, techo o ventana, con motor eléctrico incorporado de potencia inferior o igual a 125 W
117 84145980 Los demás
118 84148022 Inferior o igual a 60 m³
119 841582 "Air Conditioning Machines Incorporating A Refrigerating Unit But Without A Valve For Reversal Of The Cooling/Heat Cycle (Excl. Of A Kind Used For Persons In Motor Vehicles, And Self-Contained Or Split-System Window Or Wall Air Conditioning Machines)"
120 84158200 "Other, Incorporating A Refrigerating Unit"
121 84158200 Los demás, con equipo de enfriamiento
122 84158300 Sin equipo de enfriamiento
123 84159000 Partes
124 841850 "Other Furniture (Chests, Cabinets, Display Counters, Show-Cases And The Like) For Storage And Display, Incorporating Refrigerating Or Freezing Equipment"
125 84185019 "Refrigerated Show-Cases And Counters, With A Refrigerating Unit Or Evaporator, For Non-Frozen Food Storage"
126 84185019 "Refrigerated Showcases And Counters (Incorporating A Refrigerating Unit Or Evaporator),Other"
127 84185099 "Other Refrigerating Furniture,Other"
128 841869 Refrigerating Or Freezing Equipment And Absorption Heat Pumps (Excl. Refrigerating And Freezing Furniture)
129 84186900 Los demás
130 84186900 Other
131 841981 "Machinery, Plant And Equipment For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food (Excl. Domestic Appliances)"
132 841981 "Other Machinery, Plant And Equipment,For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food"
133 84198120 Cafeteras y demás aparatos para la preparación de café y de otras bebidas calientes
134 84198120 Percolators And Other Appliances For Making Coffee And Other Hot Drinks
135 84212100 Para filtrar o depurar agua
136 84224000 "Packing Or Wrapping Machinery, Incl. Heat-Shrink Wrapping Machinery (Excl. Machinery For Filling, Closing, Sealing Or Labelling Bottles, Cans, Boxes, Bags Or Other Containers And Machinery For Capsuling Bottles, Jars, Tubes And Similar Containers)"
137 84224000 Las demás máquinas y aparatos para empaquetar o envolver mercancías, incluidas las de envolver con película termorretráctil
138 84229090 "Parts Of Packing Or Wrapping Machinery And Of Other Machinery Of Heading 8422, N.E.S. (Excl. Parts Of Dish-Washing Machines)"
139 842310 "Personal Weighing Machines, Including Baby Scales, Household Scales"
140 84231010 Balanzas domésticas
141 84231010 Household Scales
142 84231010 Household Scales (Excl. Personal Weighing Machines And Baby Scales)
143 84231090 Other
144 84238190 Los demás
145 84242000 Pistolas aerográficas y aparatos similares
146 842430 Steam Or Sandblasting Machines And Similar Jet Projecting Machines
147 84243001 "Water Cleaning Appliances, With Built-In Motor,With Heating Device"
148 84243001 Con dispositivos de calentamiento
149 84243009 "Other, Of An Engine Power,Exceeding 7,5 Kw"
150 84243009 "Water Cleaning Appliances With Built-In Motor, Without Heating Device, Of An Engine Power >= 7,5 Kw"
151 84243010 De aire comprimido
152 84243090 Steam Or Sand Blasting Machines And Similar Jet Projecting Machines (Excl. Compressed Air Operated And Water Cleaning Appliances With Built-In Motor And Appliances For Cleaning Special Containers)
153 84248110 Aparatos de riego
154 84248900 Los demás
155 84249090 "Parts Of Fire Extinguishers, Spray Guns And Similar Appliances, Steam Or Sand Blasting Machines And Similar Jet Projecting Machines And Machinery And Apparatus For Projecting, Dispersing Or Spraying Liquids Or Powder, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Spraying Appliances
156 845210 Sewing Machines Of The Household Type
157 84521019 "Sewing Machines Lock-Stitch Only, With Heads Weighing <= 16 Kg Without Motor Or <= 17 Kg With Motor, Having A Value, Not Incl. Frames, Tables Or Furniture, Of <= € 65, Heads For These Machines, Weighing <= 16 Kg Without Motor Or <= 17 Kg With Motor"
158 84521090 "Sewing Machines And Heads, Of The Household Type (Excl. Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines With Heads Weighing <= 16 Kg Without Motor Or <= 17 Kg With Motor And Heads Weighing <= 16 Kg Without Motor Or <= 17 Kg With Motor)"
159 84521090 Other Sewing Machines And Other Sewing Machine Heads
160 84522900 "Sewing Machines, Industrial Type (Excl. Automatic Units)"
161 84522900 Las demás
162 84522900 Other
163 84529000 Muebles, basamentos y tapas o cubiertas para máquinas de coser, y sus partes, las demás partes para máquinas de coser
164 846721 "With Self-Contained Electric Motor,Drills Of All Kinds"
165 84672199 "Drills Of All Kinds For Working In The Hand, With Self-Contained Electric Motor Operating With An External Source Of Power (Excl. Electropneumatic Drills)"
166 84672199 "Other,Other"
167 84672199 Los demás
168 84672920 Que funcionen sin fuente de energía exterior
169 84799080 Las demás
170 84818099 "Appliances For Pipes, Boiler Shells, Tanks, Vats Or The Like (Excl. Pressure-Reducing Valves, Valves For The Control Of Pneumatic Power Transmission, Check Nonreturn Valves, Safety Or Relief Valves, Taps, Cocks And Valves For Sinks, Baths And Similar Fix
171 85043180 Los demás
172 850440 Static Converters
173 85044055 Cargadores de acumuladores
174 85081100 De potencia inferior o igual a 1500 W y de capacidad del depósito o bolsa para el polvo inferior o igual a 20 l
175 85081900 Las demás
176 85094000 "Domestic Food Grinders And Mixers And Fruit Or Vegetable Juice Extractors, With Self-Contained Electric Motor"
177 85094000 "Food Grinders And Mixers, Fruit Or Vegetable Juice Extractors"
178 85094000 Trituradoras y mezcladoras de alimentos, extractoras de jugo de frutos u hortalizas
179 85098000 "Electro-Mechanical Household Appliances, With Self-Contained Electric Motor (Excl. Vacuum Cleaners, Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Polishers, Kitchen Waste Disposers, Food Grinders And Mixers, Fruit Or Vegetable Juice Extractors, And Hair-Removing Ap
180 85098000 Los demás aparatos
181 85098000 Other Appliances
182 85101000 "Shavers, Electric"
183 85101000 Afeitadoras
184 85131000 Lámparas
185 851629 Other
186 85162991 "Electric Space Heating And Soil Heating Apparatus, With Built-In Fan (Excl. Storage Heating Radiators)"
187 85162991 Con ventilador incorporado
188 85162999 "Electric Space Heating And Soil Heating Apparatus, Without Built-In Fan (Excl. Convection Heaters And Liquid-Filled Radiators)"
189 85162999 "Other,Other"
190 85162999 Los demás
191 851631 "Electrothermic Hairdressing Or Hand-Drying Apparatus,Hairdryers"
192 85163100 Secadores para el cabello
193 85163190 Electric Hair Dryers (Excl. Drying Hoods)
194 85163190 Other
195 85163200 Los demás aparatos para el cuidado del cabello
196 851640 Electric Smoothing Irons
197 85164000 Planchas eléctricas
198 85164010 Electric Steam Smoothing Irons
199 85164010 Steam Smoothing Irons
200 851660 "Other Ovens, Cookers, Cooking Plates, Boiling Rings, Grillers And Roasters"
201 85166010 Cocinas
202 85166070 "Electric Grillers And Roasters, For Domestic Use"
203 85166070 Grillers And Roasters
204 85166070 Parrillas y asadores
205 85166090 "Electric Ovens, For Domestic Use (Excl. Space Heating Stoves, Electric Cookers Incorporating At Least An Oven And A Hob, Microwave Ovens And Electric Ovens For Building-In)"
206 85166090 Los demás
207 85166090 Other
208 85167100 "Electro-Thermic Coffee Or Tea Makers, For Domestic Use"
209 85167100 "Other Electrothermic Appliances,Coffee Or Tea Makers"
210 85167100 Aparatos para la preparación de café o té
211 85167200 "Electric Toasters, For Domestic Use"
212 85167200 Toasters
213 85167200 Tostadoras de pan
214 851679 Other
215 85167920 "Electric Deep Fat Fryers, For Domestic Use"
216 85167920 Deep Fat Fryers
217 85167920 Freidoras
218 85167970 Los demás
219 85167970 Other
220 851680 Electric Heating Resistors (Excl. Those Of Agglomerated Coal And Graphite)
221 85169000 "Parts Of Electric Water Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Space Heating Apparatus And Soil Heating Apparatus, Hair-Dressing Apparatus And Hand Dryers, Electro-Thermic Appliances Of A Kind Used For Domestic Purposes And Electric Heating Resistors, N.E.S."
222 85169000 Partes
223 85171100 "Telephone Sets, Including Telephones For Cellular Networks Or For Other Wireless Networks,Line Telephone Sets With Cordless Handsets"
224 85171990 Line Telephone Sets (Excl. Videophones And Line Telephone Sets With Cordless Handsets And Entry-Phone Systems)
225 851830 "Headphones And Earphones, Whether Or Not Combined With Microphone, And Sets Consisting Of A Microphone And One Or More Loudspeakers (Excl. Telephone Sets, Hearing Aids And Helmets With Built-In Headphones, Whether Or Not Incorporating A Microphone)"
226 852713 Other Apparatus Combined With Sound Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus
227 85271399 "Other,Other"
228 85271900 "Radio-Broadcast Receivers Capable Of Operating Without An External Source Of Power, Incl. Apparatus Capable Of Also Receiving Radio-Telephony Or Radio-Telegraphy, Not Combined With Sound Reproducing Apparatus"
229 85273210 "Alarm Clock Radios, For Mains Operation Only, Not Combined With Sound Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus"
230 85281300 "Television Receivers, Black And White Or Other Monochrome, Whether Or Not Incorporating Radio-Broadcast Receivers Or Sound Or Video Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus"
231 85287300 "Other, Black And White Or Other Monochrome"
232 852990 "Parts Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With Transmission And Reception Apparatus For Radio-Telephony, Radio-Telegraphy, Radio-Broadcasting, Television, Television Cameras, Still Image Video Cameras And Other Video Camera Recorders, Radar Apparatus,
233 853110 Burglar Or Fire Alarms And Similar Apparatus
234 85437090 Los demás
235 85438955 "Sunbeds, Sunlamps And Similar Suntanning Equipment, For Fluorescent Tubes Using Ultraviolet A-Rays, The Tubes Having A Maximum Length Of > 100 Cm"
236 85442000 Coaxial Cable And Other Coaxial Electric Conductors
237 85444190 "Electric Conductors For A Voltage <= 80 V, Insulated, Fitted With Connectors, N.E.S."
238 85479000 Los demás
239 87119010 Bicicletas con un motor eléctrico auxiliar de potencia nominal continua no superior a 250 vatios
240 87149930 Portaequipajes
241 901890 Other Instruments And Appliances
242 90189010 Instrumentos y aparatos para medir la presión arterial
243 90189010 Instruments And Apparatus For Measuring Blood-Pressure
244 901910 "Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus"
245 90191010 Aparatos eléctricos de vibromasaje
246 90191010 Electrical Vibratory-Massage Apparatus
247 90191090 "Mechano-Therapy Appliances, Massage Apparatus, Psychological Aptitude-Testing Apparatus (Excl. Electrical Vibratory-Massage Apparatus)"
248 902519 "Thermometers And Pyrometers, Not Combined With Other Instruments (Excl. Liquid-Filled Thermometers For Direct Reading)"
249 902519 Other
250 90251920 Electronic
251 90251920 Electrónicos
252 90251980 Other
253 902580 "Hydrometers, Areometers And Similar Floating Instruments, Barometers, Hygrometers And Psychrometers, Whether Or Not Combined With Each Other Or With Thermometers"
254 902580 Other Instruments
255 90258080 Other
256 902590 "Parts And Accessories For Hydrometers, Areometers And Similar Floating Instruments, Thermometers, Pyrometers, Barometers, Hygrometers And Psychrometers, N.E.S."
257 90291000 "Revolution Counters, Production Counters, Taximeters, Milometers, Pedometers And The Like"
258 903190 "Parts And Accessories For Instruments, Appliances And Machines For Measuring And Checking, N.E.S."
259 91031000 "Clocks With Watch Movements, Electrically Operated (Excl. Wrist-Watches, Pocket-Watches And Other Watches Of Heading 9101 Or 9102, And Instrument Panel Clocks And The Like Of Heading 9104)"
260 91031000 Eléctricos
261 91051100 "Alarm Clocks, Electrically Operated"
262 91051100 "Alarm Clocks,Electrically Operated"
263 91059100 "Other,Electrically Operated"
264 94016100 Con relleno
265 94017100 "Other Seats, With Metal Frames,Upholstered"
266 94017900 Los demás
267 94018000 "Seats, N.E.S."
268 94018000 Los demás asientos
269 94018000 Other Seats
270 94029000 "Operating Tables, Examination Tables, And Other Medical, Dental, Surgical Or Veterinary Furniture (Excl. Dentists' Or Similar Chairs, Special Tables For X-Ray Examination, And Stretchers And Litters, Incl. Trolley-Stretchers)"
271 94029000 Los demás
272 940320 "Metal Furniture (Excl. For Offices, Seats And Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture)"
273 940320 Other Metal Furniture
274 94032020 Camas
275 94032080 Los demás
276 94032080 Other
277 94035000 Wooden Furniture For Bedrooms (Excl. Seats)
278 940360 Other Wooden Furniture
279 94036010 Muebles de madera de los tipos utilizados en comedores y cuartos de estar
280 94036010 Wooden Furniture For Dining Rooms And Living Rooms (Excl. Seats)
281 94036010 Wooden Furniture Of A Kind Used In The Dining Room And The Living Room
282 94036090 Los demás muebles de madera
283 940370 "Furniture Of Plastic (Excl. Medical, Dental, Surgical Or Veterinary, And Seats)"
284 94037000 Muebles de plástico
285 94038900 Los demás
286 940390 Parts
287 94039030 Of Wood
288 94042190 Mattresses Of Cellular Plastics
289 94049090 "Articles Of Bedding And Similar Furnishing, Fitted With Springs Or Stuffed Or Internally Filled With Any Material Or Of Cellular Rubber Or Plastics (Excl. Filled With Feather Or Down, Mattress Supports, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Pneumatic Or Water Mattr
290 94049090 Los demás
291 940510 "Chandeliers And Other Electric Ceiling Or Wall Lighting Fittings, Excluding Those Of A Kind Used For Lighting Public Open Spaces Or Thoroughfares"
292 94051028 "Of Plastics,Other"
293 940520 "Electric Table, Desk, Bedside Or Floor-Standing Lamps"
294 94052099 "Of Other Materials,Other"
295 94052099 Las demás
296 94054095 "Electric Lamps And Lighting Fittings, Used With Tubular Fluorescent Lamps, N.E.S. (Excl. Of Plastics)"
297 95030075 "Other Toys And Models, Incorporating A Motor,Of Plastics"
298 95034100 Stuffed Toys Representing Animals Or Non-Human Creatures
299 95038010 "Plastic Toys And Models, Incorporating A Motor (Excl. Electric Trains, Scale Model Assembly Kits, And Toys Representing Animals, Human Or Non-Human Creatures)"
300 95039034 "Toys, Of Plastics, With Mechanical Parts, N.E.S."
301 950490 Other
302 95049090 "Tables For Casino Games, Automatic Bowling Alley Equipment, And Other Funfair, Table Or Parlour Games, Incl. Pintables (Excl. Operated By Coins, Banknotes Paper Currency, Discs Or Other Similar Articles, Billiards, Video Games For Use With A Television R
303 95049090 Los demás
304 95049090 Other
305 95063990 Los demás
306 95065900 Las demás
307 95066200 Inflables
308 950691 "Other,Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics Or Athletics"
309 95069110 Aparatos de gimnasia con sistema de esfuerzo regulable
310 95069110 Exercising Apparatus With Adjustable Resistance Mechanisms
311 95069190 "Articles And Equipment For General Physical Exercise, Gymnastics Or Athletics (Excl. Exercising Apparatus With Adjustable Resistance Mechanisms)"
312 95069190 Los demás
313 95069190 Other
314 95069990 "Articles And Equipment For Sport And Outdoor Games N.E.S, Swimming And Paddling "
315 95069990 Los demás
316 95079000 Los demás
317 96032100 "Tooth Brushes, Incl. Dental-Plate Brushes"
318 96034090 Almohadillas o muñequillas y rodillos, para pintar
319 96034090 Paint Pads And Rollers
320 96039091 Cepillos y cepillos escoba para limpieza de superficies y para la casa, incluidos los cepillos para prendas de vestir o para calzado, artículos de cepillería para el aseo de los animales
321 960500 "Travel Sets For Personal Toilet, Sewing Or Shoe Or Clothes Cleaning"
322 96050000 "Travel Sets For Personal Toilet, Sewing Or Shoe Or Clothes Cleaning (Excl. Manicure Sets)"
323 96050000 Juegos o surtidos de viaje para aseo personal, costura o limpieza del calzado o de prendas de vestir
324 96170000 Termos y demás recipientes isotérmicos, montados y aislados por vacío, así como sus partes (excepto las ampollas de vidrio)