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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 32099000 Los demás
2 340220 Preparations Put Up For Retail Sale
3 34022090 "Washing Preparations, Incl. Auxiliary Washing Preparations And Cleaning Preparations Put Up For Retail Sale (Excl. Organic Surface-Active Agents, Soap And Surface-Active Preparations, And Products And Preparations For Washing The Skin In The Form Of Liqu
4 34022090 Preparaciones para lavar y preparaciones de limpieza
5 34022090 Washing Preparations And Cleaning Preparations
6 340319 Other
7 34031990 Las demás
8 34031991 "Lubricant Preparations For Machines, Appliances And Vehicles Containing < 70% Petroleum Oil Or Bituminous Mineral Oil By Weight"
9 34031991 "Other,Preparations For Lubricating Machines, Appliances And Vehicles"
10 34039900 Las demás
11 390791 "Other Polyesters,Unsaturated"
12 39079110 "Unsaturated Liquid Polyesters, In Primary Forms (Excl. Polycarbonates, Alkyd Resins And Polyethylene Terephthalate)"
13 39079110 Liquid
14 39079110 Líquidos
15 391620 Of Polymers Of Vinyl Chloride
16 39162000 De polímeros de cloruro de vinilo
17 39162010 "Monofilament With Any Cross-Sectional Dimension Of > 1 Mm, Rods, Sticks And Profile Shapes, Whether Or Not Surface-Worked But Not Further Worked, Of Polyvinyl Chloride"
18 39162010 Of Poly(Vinyl Chloride)
19 391690 Of Other Plastics
20 39169010 De productos de polimerización de reorganización o de condensación, incluso modificados químicamente
21 39169051 "Monofilament Of Which Any Cross-Sectional Dimension > 1 Mm, Rods, Sticks And Profile Shapes, Of Polymers Of Propylene, Whether Or Not Surface-Worked But Not Further Worked"
22 39169051 "Of Addition Polymerisation Products,Of Polymers Of Propylene"
23 39169090 "Monofilament Of Which Any Cross-Sectional Dimension > 1 Mm, Rods, Sticks And Profile Shapes, Of Plastics, Whether Or Not Surface-Worked But Not Further Worked (Excl. That Of Addition Polymerization Products, Condensation Or Rearrangement Polymerization P
24 39169090 Los demás
25 39174000 Accesorios
26 39209200 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Non-Cellular Polyamides, Not Reinforced, Laminated, Supported Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials, Without Backing, Unworked Or Merely Surface-Worked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles (Excl. Self-Adh
27 39209200 De poliamidas
28 39209200 Of Polyamides
29 39221000 "Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks And Wash-Basins, Of Plastics"
30 39221000 "Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks And Washbasins"
31 39221000 Bañeras, duchas, fregaderos (piletas de lavar) y lavabos
32 39229000 "Bidets, Lavatory Pans, Flushing Cisterns And Similar Sanitary Ware, Of Plastics (Excl. Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks, Wash-Basins, Lavatory Seats And Covers)"
33 39229000 Los demás
34 39229000 Other
35 392590 Other
36 39259010 "Fittings And Mountings Intended For Permanent Installation In Or On Doors, Windows, Staircases, Walls Or Other Parts Of Buildings, Of Plastics"
37 39259010 "Fittings And Mountings Intended For Permanent Installation In Or On Doors, Windows, Staircases, Walls Or Other Parts Of Buildings"
38 39259080 "Builders' Ware For The Manufacture Of Flooring, Walls, Partition Walls, Ceilings, Roofing, Etc. Guttering And Accessories, Bannisters, Fences And The Like, Fitted Shelving For Shops, Factories, Warehouses, Storerooms, Etc., Architectural Ornaments Such A
39 39259080 Los demás
40 39259080 Other
41 39263000 "Fittings For Furniture, Coachwork And The Like, Of Plastics (Excl. Building Components For Permanent Mounting On Parts Of Buildings)"
42 39263000 "Fittings For Furniture, Coachwork Or The Like"
43 392690 "Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Heading 3901 To 3914, N.E.S"
44 392690 Other
45 39269097 "Other,Other"
46 39269097 Las demás
47 40069000 "Rods, Bars, Tubes, Profiles And Other Forms Of Unvulcanised Rubber, Incl. Mixed Rubber, And Articles Of Unvulcanzed Rubber, Incl. Mixed Rubber (Excl. Plates, Sheets And Strip Which, Apart From Basic Surface-Working, Have Not Been Cut, Or Have Merely Been
48 42022210 "Handbags, Whether Or Not With Shoulder Straps, Incl. Those Without Handles, With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting"
49 44152020 Paletas simples, collarines para paletas
50 48191000 "Cartons, Boxes And Cases, Of Corrugated Paper Or Paperboard"
51 482390 "Paper, Paperboard, Cellulose Wadding And Webs Of Cellulose Fibres, In Strips Or Rolls Of A Width <= 36 Cm, In Rectangular Or Square Sheets, Of Which No Side > 36 Cm In The Unfolded State, Or Cut To Shape Other Than Rectangular Or Square, And Articles Of
52 491110 "Trade Advertising Material, Commercial Catalogues And The Like"
53 49111010 Catálogos comerciales
54 49111010 Commercial Catalogues
55 49111090 Trade Advertising Material And The Like (Other Than Commercial Catalogues)
56 69109000 "Ceramic Sinks, Wash Basins, Wash Basin Pedestals, Baths, Bidets, Water Closet Pans, Flushing Cisterns, Urinals And Similar Sanitary Fixtures (Excl. Of Porcelain Or China, Soap Dishes, Sponge Holders, Tooth-Brush Holders, Towel Hooks And Toilet Paper Hold
57 69109000 Other
58 70060090 Los demás
59 700711 "Toughened (Tempered) Safety Glass,Of Size And Shape Suitable For Incorporation In Vehicles, Aircraft, Spacecraft Or Vessels"
60 70071190 "Toughened Tempered Safety Glass, Of Size And Shape Suitable For Incorporation In Aircraft, Spacecraft, Vessels Or Other Vehicles (Excl. Motor Vehicles)"
61 70071190 Other
62 700719 Other
63 70071980 Los demás
64 70071980 Other
65 70099100 "Glass Mirrors, Unframed (Excl. Rear-View Mirrors For Vehicles, Optical Mirrors, Optically Worked, Mirrors > 100 Years Old)"
66 70099100 "Other,Unframed"
67 70139900 Other
68 73089099 "Structures And Parts Of Structures Of Iron Or Steel, N.E.S. (Excl. Bridges And Bridge-Sections, Towers, Lattice Masts, Gates, Doors, Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds, Equipment For Scaffolding, Shuttering, Propping Or Pit-Propping, Weirs, Sluices,
69 731815 "Other Screws And Bolts, Whether Or Not With Their Nuts Or Washers"
70 73181551 "Con Cabeza, Con Ranura Recta O En Cruz, Slotted And Cross-Recessed Screws,Of Stainless Steel"
71 73181551 "Slotted And Cross-Recessed Screws And Bolts, Of Stainless Steel Whether Or Not With Their Nuts And Washers, With Heads (Excl. Wood Screws And Self-Tapping Screws)"
72 73181561 "Hexagon Socket Head Screws,Of Stainless Steel"
73 73181590 "Screws And Bolts, Of Iron Or Steel Whether Or Not With Their Nuts And Washers, With Heads (Excl. Slotted And Cross-Recessed Screws And Bolts, Hexagon Socket And Hexagon Screws And Bolts, Wood Screws, Self-Tapping Screws And Screws And Bolts For Fixing Ra
74 73181590 Los demás
75 73181590 Other
76 73182900 "Non-Threaded Articles, Of Iron Or Steel"
77 73221900 "Radiators For Central Heating, Non-Electrically Heated, And Parts Thereof, Of Iron Other Than Cast Iron Or Steel (Excl. Parts, Elsewhere Specified Or Included, And Central-Heating Boilers)"
78 73239300 De acero inoxidable
79 73239390 Los demás
80 74182000 "Sanitary Ware And Parts Thereof, Of Copper (Excl. Cooking And Heating Appliances Of Heading 7417, And Fittings)"
81 74182000 Artículos de higiene o tocador, y sus partes
82 74182000 Sanitary Ware And Parts Thereof
83 74199990 Los demás
84 76101000 "Doors, Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds For Doors"
85 761090 Other
86 76109090 "Structures And Parts Of Structures, Of Aluminium, N.E.S., And Plates, Rods, Profiles, Tubes And The Like, Prepared For Use In Structures, Of Aluminium, N.E.S. (Excl. Prefabricated Buildings Of Heading 9406, Doors And Windows And Their Frames And Threshol
87 76109090 Los demás
88 76109090 Other
89 76152000 "Sanitary Ware And Parts Thereof, Of Aluminium (Excl. Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers Of Heading 7612, And Fittings)"
90 761699 Other
91 76169990 Las demás
92 79070000 Las demás manufacturas de cinc
93 79070090 Other
94 82032000 Alicates, incluso cortantes, tenazas, pinzas y herramientas similares
95 830210 "Hinges Of All Kinds, Of Base Metal"
96 83021000 Bisagras de cualquier clase, incluidos los pernios y demás goznes
97 83024100 "Other Mountings, Fittings And Similar Articles,Suitable For Buildings"
98 83024100 Base Metal Mountings And Fittings Suitable For Buildings (Excl. Locks With Keys And Hinges)
99 83024900 Los demás
100 83026000 Automatic Door Closers
101 83026000 Cierrapuertas automáticos
102 84139100 "Parts,Of Pumps"
103 84661020 Mandriles, pinzas y manguitos
104 848180 Other Appliances
105 84818011 "Mixing Valves For Sinks, Wash Basins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures"
106 84818011 "Taps, Cocks And Valves For Sinks, Washbasins, Bidets, Water Cisterns, Baths And Similar Fixtures,Mixing Valves"
107 84818011 Mezcladores, reguladores de agua caliente
108 84818019 Los demás
109 84819000 Partes
110 85051100 "Permanent Magnets Of Metal And Articles Intended To Become Permanent Magnets After Magnetization (Excl. Chucks, Clamps And Similar Holding Devices)"
111 85051910 Imanes permanentes de ferrita aglomerada
112 85243910 "Discs, Recorded, For Laser Reading Systems, For Reproducing Representations Of Instructions, Data, Sound, And Image Recorded In A Machine Readable Binary Form, And Capable Of Being Manipulated Or Providing Interactivity To A User, By Means Of An Automati
113 901730 "Micrometers, Callipers And Gauges"
114 90173090 Gauges (Excl. Gauges Without Adjustable Devices)
115 90173090 Other (Excluding Gauges Without Adjustable Devices Of Heading 9031)
116 90230080 Los demás