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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 32100090 "Paints And Varnishes, Incl. Enamels, Lacquers And Distempers (Excl. Those Based On Synthetic Polymers Or Chemically Modified Natural Polymers, Oil Paints And Varnishes, Incl. Enamels And Lacquers), Prepared Water Pigments Of A Kind Used For Finishing Lea
2 32100090 Other
3 35061000 "Products Suitable For Use As Glues Or Adhesives Put Up For Retail Sale As Glues Or Adhesives, With A Net Weight Of <= 1 Kg"
4 35061000 "Products Suitable For Use As Glues Or Adhesives, Put Up For Retail Sale As Glues Or Adhesives, Not Exceeding A Net Weight Of 1 Kg"
5 390110 "Polyethylene Having A Specific Gravity Of Less Than 0,94"
6 39011010 Linear Polyethylene
7 392113 Of Polyurethanes
8 39211310 "Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Flexible Cellular Polyurethane, Unworked Or Not Further Worked Than Surface-Worked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles (Excl. Such Self-Adhesive Products, And Floor, Wall And Ceiling Coverings Of Heading 3918
9 39211310 Flexible
10 39263000 "Fittings For Furniture, Coachwork And The Like, Of Plastics (Excl. Building Components For Permanent Mounting On Parts Of Buildings)"
11 39263000 "Fittings For Furniture, Coachwork Or The Like"
12 401693 "Gaskets, Washers And Other Seals, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber And Those Of Cellular Rubber)"
13 420212 With Outer Surface Of Plastics Or Of Textile Materials
14 42021250 Of Moulded Plastic Material
15 44129210 "Veneered Panels And Similar Laminated Wood With At Least One Ply Of A Tropical Wood Specified In Subheading Note 1 To This Chapter And Containing At Least One Layer Of Particle Board (Excl. Wood Of Subheading 4412,22, Hollow-Core Composite Panels And She
16 73182900 "Non-Threaded Articles, Of Iron Or Steel"
17 76041090 "Profiles Of Non-Alloy Aluminium, N.E.S."
18 830140 Other Locks
19 83014090 "Locks Of Base Metal (Excl. Padlocks And Locks Of A Kind Used For Motor Vehicles, Furniture Or Doors Of Buildings)"
20 83014090 Other Locks
21 830210 "Hinges Of All Kinds, Of Base Metal"
22 83021000 Hinges
23 830220 Castors With Mountings Of Base Metal
24 83022000 Castors
25 83023000 "Base Metal Mountings, Fittings And Similar Articles Suitable For Motor Vehicles (Excl. Hinges And Castors)"
26 83023000 "Other Mountings, Fittings And Similar Articles Suitable For Motor Vehicles"
27 830249 "Base Metal Mountings, Fittings And Similar Articles (Excl. Locks With Keys, Clasps And Frames With Clasps Incorporating Locks, Hinges, Castors And Mountings And Fittings Suitable For Buildings, Motor Vehicles Or Furniture)"
28 83071000 Of Iron Or Steel
29 85299059 "Cabinets And Cases Other Than Of Wood, For Transmission And Reception Apparatus For Radio-Telephony, Radio-Telegraphy, Radio-Broadcasting, Television, Television Cameras, Still Image Video Cameras And Other Video Camera Recorders, Radar Apparatus, Radio
30 940320 "Metal Furniture (Excl. For Offices, Seats And Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture)"