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  • City State : ***************
  • Country : : Spain
  • Web Page : ***************
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  • Telephone : ***************
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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 39205990 "Plates, Sheets, Foil, Film And Strip Of Unexpanded Acrylic Polymers, Not Reinforced, Coated, Laminated Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials, Without Backing, Unworked Or Merely Surface-Worked Or Merely Cut Into Squares Or Rectangles (Excl. Those Of
2 39229000 "Bidets, Lavatory Pans, Flushing Cisterns And Similar Sanitary Ware, Of Plastics (Excl. Baths, Shower-Baths, Sinks, Wash-Basins, Lavatory Seats And Covers)"
3 70071980 "Toughened Tempered Safety Glass (Excl. Enamelled, Coloured Throughout The Mass, Opacified, Flashed Or With An Absorbent Or Reflecting Layer, Glass Of Size And Shape Suitable For Incorporation In Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Vessels And Other Veh
4 848180 Other Appliances
5 84818099 "Appliances For Pipes, Boiler Shells, Tanks, Vats Or The Like (Excl. Pressure-Reducing Valves, Valves For The Control Of Pneumatic Power Transmission, Check Nonreturn Valves, Safety Or Relief Valves, Taps, Cocks And Valves For Sinks, Baths And Similar Fix
6 84818099 Other