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NO HS CODE HS CODE Description
1 33074100 Agarbatti And Other Odoriferous Preparations Which Operate By Burning
2 340220 Preparations Put Up For Retail Sale
3 34022020 Surface-Active Preparations
4 340290 Other
5 34029090 Washing Preparations And Cleaning Preparations
6 36061000 Liquid Or Liquefied-Gas Fuels In Containers Of A Kind Used For Filling Or Refilling Cigarette Or Similar Lighters And Of A Capacity Not Exceeding 300 Cm³
7 39231000 "Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles For The Conveyance Or Packaging Of Goods, Of Plastics"
8 39231000 "Boxes, Cases, Crates And Similar Articles"
9 392329 Of Other Plastics
10 39232910 "Sacks And Bags, Incl. Cones, Of Polyvinyl Chloride"
11 39232990 Other
12 39241000 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Plastics"
13 39241000 Tableware And Kitchenware
14 392690 "Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Heading 3901 To 3914, N.E.S"
15 392690 Other
16 401490 Other
17 40149090 "Hygienic Or Pharmaceutical Articles, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber), With Or Without Fittings Of Hard Rubber, N.E.S. (Excl. Teats, Nipple Shields And Similar Articles For Babies, Sheath Contraceptives And Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Access
18 40149090 Other
19 40169100 "Floor Coverings And Mats, Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber), With Chamfered Sides, Rounded Corners Or Shaped Edges Or Otherwise Worked (Excl. Those Simply Cut To Rectangular Or Square Shape And Goods Of Cellular Rubber)"
20 401699 "Articles Of Vulcanised Rubber (Excl. Hard Rubber), N.E.S."
21 420232 With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting Or Of Textile Materials
22 42023290 "Wallets, Purses, Key-Pouches, Cigarette-Cases, Tobacco-Pouches And Similar Articles Carried In The Pocket Or Handbag, With Outer Surface Of Textile Materials"
23 42023290 Of Textile Materials
24 420292 With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting Or Of Textile Materials
25 42029219 "Insulated Food Or Beverage Bags, Shopping Bags, Map-Cases, Tool Bags, Jewellery Boxes, Cutlery Cases, Binocular Cases, Camera Cases, Gun Cases, Holsters And Similar Containers, With Outer Surface Of Plastic Sheeting (Excl. Travelling-Cases, Brief-Cases,
26 42029219 "Of Plastic Sheeting,Other"
27 44190090 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Wood (Excl. Okoumé, Obeche, Sapelli, Sipo, Acajou D'Afrique, Makoré, Iroko, Tiama, Mansonia, Ilomba, Dibétou, Limba, Azobé, Dark Red Meranti, Light Red Meranti, Meranti Bakau, White Lauan, White Meranti, White Seraya, Yellow
28 44211000 Clothes Hangers
29 44211000 Clothes Hangers Of Wood
30 46021091 "Basketwork, Wickerwork And Other Articles, Made Directly To Shape From Vegetable Plaiting Materials (Excl. Plaited-Only Bands Or Flat-Woven Articles, Bottle Envelopes Of Straw, Wall Coverings Of Heading 4814, Twine, Cord And Rope, Footware And Headgear A
31 62122000 "Girdles And Panty-Girdles Of All Types Of Textile Materials, Whether Or Not Elasticated, Incl. Knitted Or Crocheted (Excl. Belts And Corselets Made Entirely Of Rubber)"
32 630790 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, N.E.S."
33 630790 Other
34 63079010 "Made-Up Articles Of Textile Materials, Incl. Dress Patterns, Knitted Or Crocheted, N.E.S."
35 63079010 Knitted Or Crocheted
36 63079099 "Other,Other"
37 640699 Of Other Materials
38 64069950 "Removable In-Soles, Heel Cushions And Other Removable Accessories"
39 64069950 Removable Insoles And Other Removable Accessories
40 68159990 "Articles Of Stone Or Other Mineral Substances, N.E.S. (Excl. Containing Magnesite, Dolomite Or Chromite, Articles Of Graphite Or Other Carbon, And Articles Of Refractory Mineral Substances, Chemically Bonded)"
41 69111000 "Tableware And Kitchenware, Of Porcelain Or China (Excl. Ornamental Articles, Pots, Jars, Carboys And Similar Receptacles For The Conveyance Or Packing Of Goods, And Coffee Grinders And Spice Mills With Receptacles Made Of Ceramics And Working Parts Of Me
42 69120090 "Ceramic Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household Articles And Toilet Articles (Excl. Sinks, Baths, Bidets And Similar Sanitary Fixtures, Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles, Pots, Jars, Etc. For The Conveyance Or Packing Of Goods, Household Mills Wit
43 73239999 "Table, Kitchen Or Other Household Articles And Parts Thereof, Of Iron Other Than Cast Iron Or Steel Other Than Stainless (Excl. Enamelled, Painted Or Varnished Articles, Cans, Boxes And Similar Containers In Heading 7310, Waste Baskets, Shovels, Corkscre
44 73269098 "Other Articles Of Iron Or Steel,Other"
45 82059000 Sets Of Two Or More Tools Of The Subheading Of Heading 8306
46 82111000 "Sets Of Assorted Articles Of Knives Of Heading 8211, Sets In Which There Is A Higher Number Of Knives Of Heading 8211 Than Of Any Other Article"
47 82119300 "Knives Having Other Than Fixed Blades, Incl. Pruning Knives, Of Base Metal (Excl. Razors)"
48 82151030 "Sets Of Spoons, Forks Or Other Articles Of Heading 8215, Which May Also Contain Up To An Equivalent Number Of Knives, Of Stainless Steel, Containing At Least One Article Plated With Precious Metal"
49 821599 Other
50 82159990 Other
51 83025000 "Hat-Racks, Hat-Pegs, Brackets And Similar Fixtures"
52 830400 "Filing Cabinets, Card-Index Cabinets, Paper Trays, Paper Rests, Pen Trays, Office-Stamp Stands And Similar Office Or Desk Equipment, Of Base Metal, Other Than Office Furniture Of Heading 9403"
53 84145100 "Fans,Table, Floor, Wall, Window, Ceiling Or Roof Fans, With A Self-Contained Electric Motor Of An Output Not Exceeding 125 W"
54 841981 "Machinery, Plant And Equipment For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food (Excl. Domestic Appliances)"
55 841981 "Other Machinery, Plant And Equipment,For Making Hot Drinks Or For Cooking Or Heating Food"
56 84198120 Percolators And Other Appliances For Making Coffee And Other Hot Drinks
57 84231010 Household Scales (Excl. Personal Weighing Machines And Baby Scales)
58 850431 Transformers Having A Power Handling Capacity <= 1 Kva (Excl. Liquid Dielectric Transformers)
59 850440 Static Converters
60 85044055 "Other,Accumulator Chargers"
61 85061011 "Manganese Dioxide Cells And Batteries, Alkaline, In The Form Of Cylindrical Cells (Excl. Spent)"
62 85065090 "Lithium Cells And Batteries (Excl. Spent, And In The Form Of Cylindrical Or Button Cells)"
63 850680 Other Primary Cells And Primary Batteries
64 85068011 "Primary Cells And Primary Batteries, Electric, In The Form Of Cylindrical Cells (Excl. Spent, And Those Of Manganese Dioxide, Mercuric Oxide, Silver Oxide, Lithium And Air-Zinc)"
65 85068090 "Primary Cells And Primary Batteries, Electric (Excl. Spent, And Those In The Form Of Cylindrical And Button Cells, Dry Zinc-Carbon Batteries Of A Voltage Of >= 5,5 V But <= 6,5 V, And Those Of Manganese Dioxide, Mercuric Oxide, Silver Oxide, Lithium And
66 85068090 Other
67 85091090 "Domestic Vacuum Cleaners, Incl. Dry Cleaners And Wet Vacuum Cleaners, With Self-Contained Electric Motor, For A Voltage < 110 V"
68 85094000 "Food Grinders And Mixers, Fruit Or Vegetable Juice Extractors"
69 85098000 Other Appliances
70 85102000 Hair Clippers
71 85102000 Hair Clippers With Self-Contained Electric Motor
72 85103000 Hair-Removing Appliances
73 85131000 Lamps
74 85131000 Portable Electrical Lamps Designed To Function By Their Own Source Of Energy
75 851610 Electric Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters And Immersion Heaters
76 85161011 "Water Heaters,Instantaneous Water Heaters"
77 851631 "Electrothermic Hairdressing Or Hand-Drying Apparatus,Hairdryers"
78 85163190 Other
79 851640 Electric Smoothing Irons
80 85164010 Steam Smoothing Irons
81 85164090 Other
82 851660 "Other Ovens, Cookers, Cooking Plates, Boiling Rings, Grillers And Roasters"
83 85166070 Grillers And Roasters
84 85167100 "Other Electrothermic Appliances,Coffee Or Tea Makers"
85 85167200 Toasters
86 851679 Other
87 85167970 Other
88 851821 "Single Loudspeakers, Mounted In Their Enclosures"
89 85182100 "Loudspeakers, Whether Or Not Mounted In Their Enclosures,Single Loudspeakers, Mounted In Their Enclosures"
90 851829 Other
91 85182995 Other
92 851830 "Headphones And Earphones, Whether Or Not Combined With Microphone, And Sets Consisting Of A Microphone And One Or More Loudspeakers (Excl. Telephone Sets, Hearing Aids And Helmets With Built-In Headphones, Whether Or Not Incorporating A Microphone)"
93 851830 "Headphones And Earphones, Whether Or Not Combined With Microphone, And Sets Consisting Of A Microphone And One Or More Loudspeakers"
94 85183095 Other
95 852290 Parts And Accessories Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With Sound Reproducing And Recording Apparatus And With Video Equipment For Recording And Reproducing Pictures And Sound (Excl. Pick-Up Devices For Grooved Recording Media)
96 852340 Optical Media
97 85234051 "Other,Digital Versatile Discs (Dvd)"
98 85251080 Transmission Apparatus For Radio-Broadcasting Or Television
99 85271900 "Radio-Broadcast Receivers Capable Of Operating Without An External Source Of Power, Incl. Apparatus Capable Of Also Receiving Radio-Telephony Or Radio-Telegraphy, Not Combined With Sound Reproducing Apparatus"
100 85281300 "Television Receivers, Black And White Or Other Monochrome, Whether Or Not Incorporating Radio-Broadcast Receivers Or Sound Or Video Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus"
101 853630 Other Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits
102 85363090 For A Current Exceeding 125 A
103 853650 Other Switches
104 85365080 "Switches For A Voltage Of > 60 V And <= 1.000 V (Excl. Relays, Automatic Circuit Breakers, Electronic Ac Switches Consisting Of Optically Coupled Input And Output Circuits Insulated Thyristor Ac Switches, Electronic Switches, Incl. Temperature Protected
105 85365080 Other
106 853669 Other
107 85366990 Other
108 853690 Other Apparatus
109 85369085 "Electrical Aparatus For Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits, For A Voltage <= 1.000 V (Excl. Fuses, Circuit Breakers And Other Apparatus For Protecting Electrical Circuits, Relays And Other Switches, Lamp-Holders, Plugs And Sockets, Prefabric
110 85369085 Other
111 85432000 "Signal Generators, Electrical"
112 85432000 Signal Generators
113 854370 Other Machines And Apparatus
114 85437090 Other
115 85442000 "Coaxial Cable And Other Coaxial Electric Conductors, Insulated"
116 85442000 Coaxial Cable And Other Coaxial Electric Conductors
117 854449 Other
118 85444920 "Of A Kind Used For Telecommunications, For A Voltage Not Exceeding 80 V"
119 85444980 "Conductors, Electric, For A Voltage <= 80 V, Insulated, Not Fitted With Connectors, N.E.S."
120 900653 "Other, For Roll Film Of A Width Of 35 Mm"
121 90065310 Disposable Cameras
122 90065310 Disposable Cameras For Roll Film Of A Width Of 35 Mm
123 91021900 "Wrist-Watches, Whether Or Not Incorporating A Stop-Watch Facility, Electrically Operated, With Combined Mechanical And Opto-Electronic Display (Excl. Of Precious Metal Or Of Metal Clad With Precious Metal)"
124 91021900 Other
125 91039000 Other
126 940320 "Metal Furniture (Excl. For Offices, Seats And Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Furniture)"
127 940320 Other Metal Furniture
128 94032080 Other
129 94037000 Furniture Of Plastics
130 940520 "Electric Table, Desk, Bedside Or Floor-Standing Lamps"
131 94052011 "Of Plastics,Of A Kind Used For Filament Lamps"
132 94052019 "Of Plastics,Other"
133 94052099 "Of Other Materials,Other"
134 95039034 "Toys, Of Plastics, With Mechanical Parts, N.E.S."
135 95039099 "Toys, N.E.S."
136 95049090 "Tables For Casino Games, Automatic Bowling Alley Equipment, And Other Funfair, Table Or Parlour Games, Incl. Pintables (Excl. Operated By Coins, Banknotes Paper Currency, Discs Or Other Similar Articles, Billiards, Video Games For Use With A Television R
137 95064010 "Bats, Balls And Nets For Table-Tennis"
138 95066100 "Balls, Other Than Golf Balls And Table-Tennis Balls,Lawn-Tennis Balls"
139 95066100 Tennis Balls (Excl. Table Tennis Balls)
140 960329 Other
141 96032980 Other
142 961320 "Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Refillable"
143 96132010 "Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Refillable, With Electrical Ignition System"
144 96132010 With Electrical Ignition System
145 96138000 "Lighters (Excl. Gas Fuelled Pocket Lighters, And Fuses And Primers For Propellent Powders And Explosives)"
146 96138000 Other Lighters