ACCESS USA IMPORTER DATA FREE provide US Importer data free of charge ( The USA Importer data is derives from bill of lading and manifest data filled with US Customs at US Ports.

You can access USA Importers data with actual names of importers and foreign exporters, bill of lading and other shipping details like notify parties, data of shipment, quantity, port of departure, arrival port, country of origin, product description for all products.  Currently, there are more than 84 million bill of lading Import data & 1 million Importer companies data in

This FREE service can help your company finding new customers and creating new opportunities in your business in the USA market which is the biggest importer of international trade.



is an e-commerce website that provides the most up-to-date information about overseas importers for the companies aiming to start exportation or increase and diversify their exports. 

The importers information on is obtained from bill of lading data and Customs records. Therefore, all the importers included in database have absolutely made importation. Currently, our database contains information of over 13 million overseas importers from 228 countries. In addition to this, provides more than 900 million import shipment details.’ members can have access to importers information of the newly-added countries without paying any extra fee throughout their whole membership period.

All in all, is the world’s largest database in terms of both the number of countries included and providing information about actual overseas importers based on bill of lading. By using TRADE ATLAS up-to-date database, our members can have access to the data/information about all the importers from all sectors and all product categories in a country and can make new export connections for their products by contacting the importers of their products in our database.

Trade Atlas users can access data on:

  • 228 countries,
  • Over 13 million actual overseas importers based on bills of lading and customs records,
  • Actual overseas importers whose total imports are over 10 trillion US Dollars,
  • Unlimited searching and downloading of data of overseas importers in any appointed product category for a member,
  • More than 900 million import shipment details,
  • The importers data according to HS Code and/or product name.


Trade Atlas provides its members with the most critical and to-the-point market data such as the importers name and foreign exporters name, the import value or amount and time of importation based on HS code or import shipment, the share of an importer in total imports of the country where they are located by each HS code and so on. This way; Trade Atlas users are able to monitor their competitors and customers in the international market.

For All Countries: directly from this link or by clicking Free TRIAL on our main page, you can access information on the first importer company in the country of your choice and this data can be downloaded as an Excel file for free.