is an e-commerce website that provides the most up-to-date information about overseas importers according to HS Code or product name for the companies aiming to start exportation or increase and diversify their exports. Moreover, is one of the leading companies of the world in market intelligence services.

The importers information on database is obtained from bills of loading and Customs records. Therefore, all the importers included in database have absolutely made importation without exception. Currently, our database contains information of over 4,000,000 overseas importers from 45 countries. In addition to this, provide more than 110 million import shipment details of 20 countries.’ members can have access to importers information of the newly-added countries without paying any extra fee throughout their whole membership period.

All in all, is the world’s largest database in terms of both the number of countries included in its database and providing information about actual overseas importers based on bill of loading. Moreover, is unique and only database in the world in giving importers data from 44 countries according to bill of loading and Customs records. Through its metholodogy, technical knowledge, international connections and expertise, processes millions of data in a systematic manner and render them usable and practical for its members. 


1. offers its member following services in PACKAGE 1 (GENERAL IMPORTER DATA):

  • Access to data of over 4 million actual overseas importers from 45 countries based on bills of loading and customs records,
  • Access to the data about all the importers from all sectors and all product categories in a country
  • Access to data of actual overseas importers whose total imports are over 5 trillion US Dollars,
  • Unlimited searching and downloading of data of overseas importers in any appointed product category for a member,
  • Searching the importers data according to HS Code and/or product name,
  • Presentation of logos of all members on home page,
  • Inclusion of contact addresses and product information of all members on based on HS codes,

2. In addition to the services included in PACKAGE 1, Competitor Intelligence Service also offers a special package that contains the following services in 19 countries in Tradeatlas database:

  • Access to importers name and foreign exporters name, the import value or amount and time of importation based on HS code or import shipment,
  • Access to import value of a importer based on HS Code,
  • Access to share of a importer in total imports of the country where they are located by each HS code,
  • Access to data about the exporters, from which overseas importers are importing, based on HS code,
  • Access to data about the country of origin of imported goods

Competitor Intelligence Package” is a specialized service package to the member companies within the framework of’ market intelligence service. In this package, provides its members with the most critical and to-the-point market data in oder to monitor their competitors and customers. does not charge any extra fee to its existing members for data of the countries that are newly added to Trade Atlas database.

The detailed information about our all service packages can be found on Subscribe page.

Ongoing harsh competition perfectly characterizes today’s world of trade where the efficient use of time plays a major and unnegligible role. Hence, in order to keep up with dynamic nature of global trade and not to lag behind in today’s competitive environment, it is of great importance for producers and exporters to have access to true, reliable and substantive data/information at the right time and to reach potential buyers through designing their marketing strategies in a timely and efficient way. It was indeed a thing of past that buyers/importers try to find producers directly by their own efforts and producers wait for their potential buyers in their factories or shops without engaging in any detailed market intelligence. Today, it has actually become quite easy for importers to find and get contact with producers and/or exporters of any product owing to the fact that either the information about exporters of a country is provided by the official organizations free of charge in the country concerned or thousands of producers can be easily reached within seconds just by typing product name in any search engine on the Internet. However, a comprehensive and all-embracing market intelligence service is indispensable and sine qua non for obtaining true and reliable data/information about actual overseas importers without incurring waste of time. In this context, through its ever evolving services, TRADE ATLAS provides to-the-point and tailor-made solutions for producers and exporters to find new buyers and design and implement active marketing strategies and, in this way, helps them overcome the problem of buyer and market dependency. By using TRADE ATLAS up-to-date database, our members can have access to the data/information about all the importers from all sectors and all product categories in a country and can make new export connections for their products by contacting the importers of their products in our database.

3. Promotion promotes its member producers and exporters by introducing their company profiles, contact and product information on website. In this way, enables overseas importers located in any country to find and get in touch with real and reliable producers and exporters. Consequently, importers can have access to data about producers/exporters by searching through HS code and product name on database.


1. Free Access to USA Importer Companies Data provides USA Importer Companies data free of charge based on the US Customs Authority bill of loading records.

USA Importers Companies data can be accessed free of charge from the  link or by clicking on “ONLINE DEMO-Free Access to USA Importer Companies” on our home page and can be downloaded in excel format. The data that can be obtained free of charge contain all import shipments of the United States by sea in 2011.

Free USA Importer data covers USA importers name and foreign exporters name, the quantity and time of importation based on HS code and product name.

2. Free HS Code Search Program

Free of charge HS Code Search Program is provided to learn the HS Codes of the products of companies on the link by HS Code Search Program, in which approximately 200.000 products are identified in English and Turkish, is one of the most extensive programs in the world. Products can be searched both in English and Turkish in order to learn HS Codes.

3.Free Promotion

Producers/exporters can be placed in database’s Exporter-Producer Section free of charge only by filling out the form on Subscribe page. The application by the companies that don’t have any website are not accepted. has considerably attracted Turkish producers/exporters’ attention and has received positive feedbacks to the point that the biggest exporters of Turkey have started to subscribe to

Please look at User’s Guide to learn how to make search on our database, and go to Subscribe for membership to Trade Atlas.

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