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Şirket Profili

The foundations of Turkuaz Elektroteknik was laid more than 30 years and it started its career of the electricity sector with cable protect systems with 150 m2 office in Karaköy, Istanbul. It attained famous in this sector with increasing of products and workers every year. It commenced to produce in Hadımköy organized industries zones with 15.000 m2 factory. Polyamide flexible conduits, flexible conduit gland and clips, PVC and flexible conduits, SCH 40 and SCH80 halogen free self extinguishing flexible conduit, rigid pipes, flexible steel conduit, conduits fittings, metal cable connector and brass glands are produced with its registered trademark “AGRA”.. In addition to this, it is marketed EMT/IMC/RSC type of steel electric installation conduit and fittings, steel junction boxes with Turkuaz Elektroteknik Brand which has UL Standards, primarily to Turkey, and The Middle East, Africa, The Balkan, Turk and Arab countries with projects and stock based sales. For these products, Turkuaz Elektroteknik took the certificate of UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Standards with TURKUAZ ELEKTROTEKNIK brand which is especially wanted in construction sector, transporting and energy sectors.Moreover, it incorporated Ex-proof products which are electric installation goods with ATEX and IECEX certificates and it continues to get succeed about this subject. Turkuaz Elektroteknik’s products are used a lot of sectors for example; automotive, construction, machines and automation, safety systems, white goods, transportation, maritime, electric table and panel , iron and steel , petrochemical, power plant, gas stations, mining industries etc. Turkuaz Elektroteknik has become a popular company in electric sector with the project list of references in a short time. It targets to get more achievements with its domestic and overseas partners. Indeed, it provides many advantages such as FOB, CFR, domestic sales with value- added- tax, and export registered without taxes. It assures to our customers with our foreign trade department experiments more than 10 years. Turkuaz Elektroteknik has entered in a process of restructuring and institutionalization from the beginning of 2013.It aims to present reliable, quality, conscientious services to all clients with its principles while it maintains its ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental standards workings. It has TSE, GOST, UL, CE, ISO, TUV, ROHS certificates for providing the best quality services. Turkuaz Elektroteknik targets to be innovative with AR-GE researching. It submits its newly developed products to customers in safety after testing and controlling with all machines which are on-site. The vision of Turkuaz Elektroteknik; being is followed company with its reformed and different style not following. Also, it is targeted to increase the quality of servicing without limit. Besides, we aim to be competitive with young and dynamics staff in Turkey and world markets. In addition to this, enhancing investment of industry and accession, it contributes to industry of our country in order to be a leader company on a global scale.


# GTİP Kodu GTİP Kodu Açıklaması
1 391721 Sert Borular, Tüpler Ve Hortumlar; Etilen Polimerlerinden Olanlar
2 391732 Plastikten Tüpler, Hortumlar Ve Borular; Başka Bir Şekilde Diğer Maddelerle Birleştirilmemiş Eya Takviye Edilmemiş (Bağlantı Elemanları Olmayan)
3 391740 Plastikten Tüp, Boru Ve Hortum Bağlantı Elemanları
4 392590 Plastikten Elektrik Devreleri İçin Anahtarlar, Borular Ve Diğer İnşaat Malzemeleri
5 392690 Plastikten Diğer Eşya
6 630790 Diğer Hazır Eşya
7 732690 Demir Veya Çelikten Diğer Eşya
8 741220 Bakır Alaşımlarından İnce, Kalın Boru Bağlantı Parçaları (Rakor, Dirsek Vb)
9 790700 Çinkodan Diğer Eşya
10 830710 Adi Metallerden Eğilip Bükülebilen Borular (Demir Veya Çelikten Olanlar)