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TradeAtlas is the world's most comprehensive importer and exporter search engine with bill of lading and shipping data.

How to Use TradeAtlas?

You can easily make a search in the TradeAtlas database not only by HS Code, but also by importer company, exporter company, product detail, brand name, country of origin, port of arrival and port of departure information in the time period you have selected. Thus, you can see your competitors' shipments and find new markets and customers.

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Analyze Your Competitors

You can see your competitors' shipments and examine which other companies your current customers are working with.

The Right Strategy

We help you identify the right strategy in your target markets by providing the opportunity to examine millions of shipment data/details.

Supplier Analysis

We lead you to reach qualified suppliers all over the world with commercial records based on real data.

Commercial Opportunities

You can analyze the companies that import the products you export and their substitutes. Thus, you can contact your potential customers.

Ease of Data Access

In TradeAtlas, the world's largest trade database, there is no data download and search limits. You can also search and download data for all countries at the same time.

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Artificial Intelligence Technology

TradeAtlas' AI Search feature uses machine learning and data visualization to give you actionable insights. Forecast your potential customers in global markets.

How to search in the TradeAtlas data platform?

TradeAtlas is the easiest way to identify your suppliers, reach your potential customers, and learn about your competitors' supply chains.

Import and Export Data of World Trade

The TradeAtlas database contains the most up-to-date global trade data.


The world's most comprehensive international trade database with data from 230 countries.


Trade data of 26,593,299 real exporter companies.


Trade data of 31,335,053 real importer companies.

Trade Data

Foreign trade data based on official customs declarations and bill of lading details.

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